12 Simple Life Hacks That You Can Try At Home To Save Your Day!


Do you stuck in your everyday life and want to get out of this loop? Calm down, we have a few small tricks for you! Here are some life hacks that can save your day!

1. You can make sandwich with the help of 2 slices of pizza!

2. A Pringles can become a convenient stand for your tablet.

3. Post-it notes can effectively clean your keyboard.

4. You can clean your phone cam with an ordinary school eraser.

5. Are you tired of cleaning short hairs from the sink? You can use a piece of plastic wrap!

6. To prevent dispensers on bottles from leaking on trips, wrap them with rubber bands.

7. You can solve the problem of tangled cables with using toilet paper rolls!

8. If you run out of clean pillow cases, you can use T-shirts!

9. Do you know how to stay protected from melting ice-cream? Like that:

10. A drill is the best weapon against dirty bathtubs!

11. These plastic clippy hangers can be cheap and easy chip-clips!

12. A stocking over your vacuum cleaner will help you to find small things.

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