12 Before & After Photos Of Sobriety!


Drinking is fun! Everyone can agree on that fact. However, it is only fun when you know your own limits. Otherwise, drinking can turn into a dangerous threat for your overall health. It is known for a fact that drinking can cause hypertension and overweight if it's consumed in excessive amounts.

These sober before & after photos are powerful reminders of these negative effects! The change is mind blowing, don't you think?

***This article was originally published on boredpanda.

1. Sober for 7 months

2. Sober for a year

3. Sober for 8.5 months

4. Sober for 6 months

5. Sober for 1.5 years

6. Sober for 2 years

7. Sober for 1.5 years

8. Sober for 300 days

9. Sober for a year

10. Sober for a year

11. Sober for 5 years

12. Sober for 416 days

13. Sober for 7 years

14. Sober for 99 days

15. Sober for a year

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