11 Facts About Pregnancy And Babies That Will Astonish You For Sure


Being pregnant and having a baby is one of the most miraculous things in the world. Every birth is a unique one and when we say every birth we really mean it. Not every baby is born the same way or not every pregnancy period is the same. In this list, we compiled 11 shocking things about pregnancy and babies.

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1. A baby can be born still fully inside the amniotic sac.


The above photo β€” which was taken by award-winning photographer Robin Baker β€” captures something that happens only once every 80,000 births. It's called being born "en caul," but it doesn't harm the baby in any way. The mother of twins above, for example, simply broke the sac with her nail.

2. You can get pregnant without actually having sex.


Is it common? No, not at all. But it CAN happen. Here's one eye-opening scenario: If a couple is dry-humping and the man ejaculates, the woman could end up pregnant even if she is wearing clothes because semen can pass through fabric. Again, this is highly unlikely β€” but possible.

3. It's possible to be pregnant for 60 years β€” well, sort of.


When 91-year-old Estela MelΓ©ndez, of La Boca, Chile, took a fall, doctors decided to give her an X-ray. To their surprise, they discovered a calcified fetus that had been in her uterus for over six decades.

4. Women in Ancient Egypt would use crocodile dung as a birth control method.


Women inserted the dung up near the cervix before sex to block pesky sperm from going on their way. And no, it doesn't sound very healthy, but there it is.😡

5. It's possible to deliver a baby even after being declared brain-dead.


Karla Perez was 22 weeks pregnant when she suffered a catastrophic intracranial hemorrhage and was pronounced brain-dead. Doctors were able to save her baby, though, and delivered him 54 days later at 30 weeks' gestation.

6. There's actually a scientific reason you sometimes want to eat your baby.


If you've ever been admiring your baby and got the urge to nibble on their cute little face, you're not weird. Psychological scientists at Yale found these "dimorphous expressions" have a sociological purpose β€” to help us control our emotions.

7. You can still get pregnant even if you have an IUD.


This, of course, is incredibly rare, but the failure rate of a hormonal IUD isn't zero β€” it's about 0.2%. How often does it happen? Well, a 2011 literature review from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) found 36 reported cases.

8. It's possible to deliver a nearly 6.5-kilo baby without an epidural.

This actually happened to this Australian mom, Natashia Corrigan, whose son, Brian Jr., weighed in at 6.5 kilos!

9. A British university may soon create "three-person babies."


This sounds alarming (and may be to some), but it's actually an example of the wonders of science. Women with mitochondrial disease are at a great risk of passing down debilitating diseases to their offspring, but scientists have found a way to take the nucleus and DNA out of their unhealthy egg and put it into a donor's healthy egg β€” thus the term "three-person baby."

10. Many men now have baby showers and call them "dadchelor parties."


They're similar to traditional baby showers, but feature male-centric things like football-themed diaper cakes and beer. Dads say these events make them feel more connected to the pregnancy and better prepared for fatherhood.

11. A first-time mother's breast milk can sometimes be orange or pink.


It's called "rusty pipe syndrome," and happens because increased blood flow to the breast means blood ends up in the breast milk. It's totally safe for a baby to drink, though, and usually clears up in a week.

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