10 Sad Headlines From 2018 That We Wish They Were From The Onion!


Here are the saddest headlines from 2018 that unfortunately aren't from The Onion...

1. Kim Jong announced that they could easily the United States with nuclear missiles.

In response, Trump tweeted "my nuclear button is much bigger and more powerful".

2. Trump wants to military forces into space...

3. During a speech Biden said he wouldn't debate the guy 'who ended up becoming out national leader'

Trump's response was the most Trump way...

4. The curling community faces with a doping scandal during the Winter Olympics.

Russia's Alexander Krushelnitsky tested positive for meldonium.

5. During a speech, Kanye West suggested that slavery was a choice!

6. According to a report by New York Magazine, Trump and Hannity call each other every weeknight before bed.

7. Kim Kardashian visited the White House to talk about prison reform with Trump.

Kim...Kardashian...the beauty guru...queen of reality TV show...

8. Trump responded to an international conflict with his tweet.

But Twitter and Facebook have been blocked in Iran since 2009...

9. Ellon Musk built a child size submarine to rescue Thai kids who trapped in a cave while officials and experts told it's not possible.

His baby size submarine was inefficient to navigate the tight passages of the cave and he called one of the divers as a 'pedi guy'

10. Trump called his notes 'boring' and threw them away during an economic roundtable in April.

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