15 Dramatic Problems You Can Relate If You Hate Milk!
There are such people who would even reject breast milk as a baby. When you get too picky about basic food items like milk, people tend to react even more strongly. We don't choose what we like and what we don't like and others should get off our backs. We don't need the judgmental treatment. Here are 15 situations that you are probably most familiar with!
What Do Geniuses Eat? Here's Nikola Tesla's Diet
Nikola Tesla had clearly one of the most creative and productive minds in world history. He did numerous valuable research projects and always knew how to stay energetic and focused. Let’s learn how he stayed sharp and active from his own words.
Bedlam, The Real Horror Story Of An Asylum
3 years ago, something dreadful was found during the new metro line construction in London: mass graves with more than 3,000 human skeletons. Investigations showed that some of these people died because of the plague, the ruthless epidemic disease of the time. The rest, however, were the patients being treated in Bethlem Royal Hospital in the 16th century. Here is the terrifying story of these patients, who were murdered by the hospital:
29 Shockingly Messed Up Diseases!
There is no such thing as a fun disease, of course, and there are some that are very interesting in a more 'WTF?' way. Although malnourishment, using medications and migraines are common everyday things, these might sometimes lead to such diseases that are so unique that we couldn't imagine them even if we wanted to.There are also some psychiatric and genetic diseases that are just very, very bad luck. We hope that cures will be found as soon as possible and people won't have to suffer from such diseases. Y'all take care of yourselves!
Character Analysis According To Your Blood Type: Ketsuekigata!
Japanese people worked hard and long to analyze personality figure out love compatibility according to one's blood type. Actually, these observations have become so popular among people that they have started to ask each other about their blood type rather than zodiac signs. What is more, many self-help books about  'personality by blood type' have been published recently; which motivated us to learn more about this and share it with you. You may indeed find some similarities once you read this post.
14 Unwritten Rules Of Eating And Drinking!
Ok, we get it. Everybody has their way of doing things. These small things make you who you are. But if you're eating with others, there are some unwritten rules that you have to follow. We put together a couple of them. We hope our readers don't do any of these. Enjoy the list.
15 Legit Disadvantages Of Guys With Big D!
According to previous studies, the average penis size is approximately 13 centimeters (~5 inches). We don't know why men declare themselves as 'Heroes' when they have a larger member. Actually, having a big penis is more problematic than you think. Let's have a look at the daily life struggles.
The Most Horrible Experiment in History: Little Albert Experiment
Observing in his field research that fear in humans is something that is 'learned' rather than something that humans are born with, behavioral psychologist John B. Watson decided to test his hypothesis in his lab. And his choice of subject was probably the worst one in history: 8 month-old Albert.
18 Celebrities With Psychological Disorders
We love celebrities. We want to be celebrities. We look at their glorious lives from afar and we can't help but envy them. As surprising as it may sound, celebrities do not live the life that we desire for ourselves, especially when you hear about the inner conflicts that they are dealing with. One of the underlying causes of those conflicts are the psychological disorders. These disorders are  the enemy that makes  life miserable for some while  for the others they are the one and only source of their creativity. Here we are looking at the disorders that some celebrities are dealing with:
Science Says: Smarter People Have A Tendency To Suffer From Depression!
Do you have hard time accepting the things given to you? Do you critically question life and think about it constantly? You might be one of the few people who are born gifted.However, being intelligent and gifted has a downside. These people might be suffering from existential depression.
Plastic Surgery At Its Finest: 9 Mind-Blowing Operations
Plastic surgery has no boundaries we know that. People paying thousands of dollars to look like their idols, getting extensions, new hips, boobs and more. But some people chase the most interesting plastic surgeries to make themselves feel better. These 9 plastic surgeries will surely change your understanding of the whole thing.