Everything Was A Lie: 15 Pictures Of Instagram Celebrities Before Plastic Surgery
Instagram is like the capital of perfect beauty. Beautiful locations, beautiful food, and of course beautiful people. It is a bit sad to find out that the Instagram celebrities, who started to earn good money and increase their followers day by day with their perfect appearance, owe most of their beauty to plastic surgery. Here are the old pictures of the famous Instagram stars.
A Miraculous Chinese Man Who Allegedly Lived For 256 Years: Li Ching-Yuen
Man’s fascination with the concept of longevity beyond the 70 or 80 years of the typical human lifespan is documented in a variety of writings, myths, and legends stretching back thousands of years. Ancient Greek historian Herodotus, for example, wrote of a magical fountain in modern day Ethiopia that restored the youth of those who bathed in its waters. The Old Testament reckonings of the biblical patriarch Methuselah (grandfather of Noah) put his age at the time of his death at between 720 and 969 years. One of the more unusual cases of asserted human longevity in modern times involved Chinese resident Li Ching-Yuen (also rendered as Li Ching-Yun), mentions of whom started appearing in U.S. newspaper accounts in the 1920s accompanied by claims that he had been born in either 1677 or 1736.
14 WTF Facts About Female Pubic Hair You Probably Didn’t Know
Here’s another topic we all think about, but avoid talking about in public: pubic hair! Why is it there? Why the hell are we waxing it, shaving it, slaughtering it, and relentlessly getting rid of it? Is our pubic hair alone in the universe? Are they on the verge of extinction? Here are all the answers…
The Craziest Doctor Ever Who Drank Patients' Vomits To Prove His Theory: Stubbins Ffirth
Not all doctors use their knowledge to serve the evil, like the Japanese one we saw earlier. This one tried to go down the rabbit hole and tried the most awkward and disgusting experiments to prove that yellow fever was not an infectious disease. Stubbins Ffirth ( 1784 - 1820 ), is probably one of the craziest doctors who did such things to prove his point. Here is his story:
28 Women Who Reveal The Truth Behind Before-After Photos Of "Weight Loss"!
Are you one of those who gets depressed after scrolling through Instagram posts of bikini models? Well, don’t be. Especially when you see a flat belly, we recommend you to remember that what you see may not be a hundred percent true. In the photos below, you can see 28 brave women who post “body transformation” photos, which are not really the “amazing” results of “weight loss,” but true angle, posture, and light!
15 Celebrities And Their Horribly Strict Diets To Get In Shape!
Celebrities are mostly under the spotlight and most of them rely on their looks to stay relevant and get jobs. We have compiled 15 celebrities and their incredible weight loss secrets!P.S.: The fact that the below-mentioned methods have worked for those specific celebrities doesn't mean that it will have the same effect on you. Instead of following these blindly, you should pay a visit to your physician and get a full blood work done to better address your specific needs and body type and seek help from a professional dietitian.
15 Foods That Will Make You Sleep Like a Baby
Most people complain about insomnia nowadays. Daily problems like anger and stress have the possibility of messing up our sleep cycle. Our suggestion is to consume these nutrients 1.5 hours before bed so they can help you sleep better.  If you are having real sleeping problems that can not be solved with nutritional supplements, you should probably see a doctor. Note: You should seek medical advice before changing your diet if you have any chronic condition or are pregnant.
20 Pets And Their Funniest Reasons For Their Visit To The Vet
Pets are amazing. They are loving companions for many, a beloved member of the family and our best friends. Another perk of pets is the hilarious things they do. How else can you explain the great number of viewers of funny cat videos online.These 20 pawed buddies had to pay a visit to the vet, for the most tragicomic reasons ever! Enjoy the story we found on BuzzFeed!
Ditch Your Prescriptions, The Miraculous Plant Centaury Is Good For Everything!
If you don't like using chemicals and prefer natural treatment methods, centaury is perfect for you. This miraculous plant has so much to offer to your body; as long as it is used correctly and adequately. You can use this healing plant in flower or oil form. If you don't trust the world enough to buy the oil from a store, we also have a recipe for homemade centaury oil. Let's see if you will be as surprised to learn about its benefits as we were!*Pregnant women and people suffering from a chronic disease should consume centaury under their physicians' supervision.
How Does A Sexy Outside Belly Button Form?
Are you ready to get yourself in front of the mirror and have a look at your belly button? If you look at the total number of people, 90% of people have inside belly-buttons and 10% have outside belly buttons. The figures are estimated to be like this. But how are these button-holes caused?  Let's look at the interesting details we gathered from Lifebuzz.
Science Explains Why We Prefer Having Sex At Night!
We learn more about ourselves every day thanks to science. It turns out that there is a universal tendency: humans prefer having sex during the night time. You might think that it is our modern way of life: working during the day, coming home, eating dinner, chilling and going to bed to do the naughty thing then sleeping, but it isn't. Here is the science behind our horny schedule!
Science Explains The Sense Of Calm We Feel After Crying
Crying often leaves us feeling weak, beaten, and helpless. We can barely hold it or control it once it starts. Sometimes it gets so bad that we can't breathe well anymore. It is definitely tiring and not fun but at the same time, it is very relaxing once it is over. We feel a sense of calm once we are done with this strange behavior that is almost a reflex.Let's see the science behind that feeling of calm following a good cry:
The Scary Disorder That Makes You Eat Yourself: Dermatophagia
This illness, which is pretty common, is actually a psychological disorder. When you think about it, you know many people around you who eat their nail skins. Though it is common to see lots of people do it in public, it hasn't had much research done in the medical field. Let's take a closer look at what this disorder is.
How Misleading Job Descriptions Psychologically Affect Us!
Most of working people spend almost all of their time at work. Because of bad managers, they get to do things that have no value whatsoever.The style of a report becomes more important than the content for example. Or your boss wants you to do things that have no relationship with professional life; you get to serve coffee at a meeting for instance.Let's see how much does working like this affect people's happiness.
15 Dramatic Problems You Can Relate If You Hate Milk!
There are such people who would even reject breast milk as a baby. When you get too picky about basic food items like milk, people tend to react even more strongly. We don't choose what we like and what we don't like and others should get off our backs. We don't need the judgmental treatment. Here are 15 situations that you are probably most familiar with!
What Do Geniuses Eat? Here's Nikola Tesla's Diet
Nikola Tesla had clearly one of the most creative and productive minds in world history. He did numerous valuable research projects and always knew how to stay energetic and focused. Let’s learn how he stayed sharp and active from his own words.
Bedlam, The Real Horror Story Of An Asylum
3 years ago, something dreadful was found during the new metro line construction in London: mass graves with more than 3,000 human skeletons. Investigations showed that some of these people died because of the plague, the ruthless epidemic disease of the time. The rest, however, were the patients being treated in Bethlem Royal Hospital in the 16th century. Here is the terrifying story of these patients, who were murdered by the hospital:
29 Shockingly Messed Up Diseases!
There is no such thing as a fun disease, of course, and there are some that are very interesting in a more 'WTF?' way. Although malnourishment, using medications and migraines are common everyday things, these might sometimes lead to such diseases that are so unique that we couldn't imagine them even if we wanted to.There are also some psychiatric and genetic diseases that are just very, very bad luck. We hope that cures will be found as soon as possible and people won't have to suffer from such diseases. Y'all take care of yourselves!