Is Zendaya Bi-Sexual? Here’s the Truth about Zendaya’s Sexuality
Zendaya is the ‘it’ girl of the 2000s. From being the youngest woman to win an Emmy for her staring role in Euphoria as Rue to taking the leads in some of the most popular movies and TV series of this decade, everyone pays notice to what Zendaya does. Her sexuality has become a hot topic these days and it is unlikely that she will be answering these rumors any time soon, but a look at her dating and career might offer some clues. Here’s what we know so far:
Quentin Tarantino’s Net Worth: Top Movies and Early Career
When Quentin Tarantino made his first film ‘My Best Friend’s Birthday’ in 1987, he was an inexperienced director who had more enthusiasm than talent. Fast forward to 2022 and with 12 feature films under his directorial belt, Tarantino is now considered one of the best directors of his generation. His early films single-handedly reinvigorated a then limp film industry that was churning out the usual pap to audiences who are incapable of distinguishing Cassavetes from common feces.But kidding aside, the fact that most of his movies (characterized by nonlinear storylines, stylized violence, dark humor, and dialogue-driven narratives) became Hollywood blockbusters is no small feat.Let's examine how this proud, self-proclaimed film geek found himself on equal footing with the directorial heavyweights of the past and take a peek at his fortune and net worth.
Johnny Knoxville's Net Worth: A Closer Look at the Actor’s Fame, Wealth, and Movie Career
Johnny Knoxville is famous for his wild and crazy stunts in the movie franchise Jackass. The actor/producer has since starred in mainstream Hollywood movies and even appeared in the WWE. With his numerous business ventures and product endorsements, Knoxville has amassed quite a fortune.Now that the Jackass style of comedy has been imitated to the point of oversaturation, it’s time we take a look at the pioneering comedian’s early life and his rise to fame and fortune.
The 10 Best Julia Roberts Romcoms of All Time
Who didn't tear up when Julia Roberts said she's just a girl, standing in front of the boy she loves, asking him to love her? I guess we all did! She never fails to impress us when it comes to her acting skills.From her classic romantic-comedy films such as Notting Hill to her horror films such as Mary Reilly, Julia Roberts has been rocking the film industry for decades. As Gen Z's termed it, we can say that she definitely served!But due to her impeccable acting skills, it can be pretty hard to rank her best films. In this article, we've listed down the 10 best Julia Roberts rom-com films you need to watch right now!
10 Movies You Should Watch When You're Bored
Are you bored out of your mind and don’t know what to watch on streaming sites? Or maybe you can’t choose any movies because they might disappoint you since almost every new movie on streaming sites is hit or miss?In this article, we will show movies that will take the boredom out of your body while watching!
8 Best Harlan Coben Adaptations on Netflix to Watch Right Now
When it comes to the world of crime thrillers, there are few authors who can match the talents of Harlan Coben.His novels have captivated readers around the globe, with page-turning plots and memorable characters that keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. And now that they’ve been adapted for Netflix, viewers can now see his stories come to life.Here are the best Harlan Coben series on Netflix right now!
9 Fast and Furious Movies in Chronological Order
Just when you thought TV series and movie plots are vastly different, the Fast and Furious saga breaks that misconception with 9 successful movies in the franchise.The highly anticipated 10th installment is said to make its movie theater debut in 2022.Here’s a synopsis of the 9 Fast and Furious series to (literally) get you up to speed.Caution: Spoiler Alert.
Star Wars Movies in Order of the Plot
Science fiction fans hail the Star Wars movie franchise, but even the most sophisticated of sci-fi geeks will have a hard time remembering the right order to watch them according to the plot.As most know, the first Star Wars movie was (actually) the fourth and it gets trickier with the introduction of animation films and the characters' backstories.If you want to get with the crowd and celebrate May 4 (May the Fourth be with you!), then here’s a guide on how to watch George Lucas’ most successful movie series.
17 Brutally Disturbing Movies That Were Banned Around The World!
There can be many reasons for banning or censoring a movie. Sometimes, it can be because of the violent dose, sometimes political attitude, or some of the sexuality that it contains. Some movies have been exposed to censorship in various countries throughout the history of cinema. Here are movies that were banned for being too disturbing!WARNING: Many of the visuals in the content are disturbing and some of them are + 18.
18 Mind-Bending Philosophical Movies Will Make You Question The Whole World
If you're tired of classic movies and are looking for movies that will blow your mind, you're in the right place. We prepared a list of philosophical movies that would question the value of humanity and morality.But we should warn you first. Most of the movies in this list can really push your mind about what humanity is or isn't.
22 Iconic Asian Horror Movies To Make Your Blood Run Cold!
A good horror movie can be really hard to find. If you want to be scared, you're at right place. You haven't seen horror until you've seen these Asian horror movies. Here are the most terrifying Asian horror movies that will give you nightmares. Enjoy!
27 Awesome Movies Based On True Stories To Take Your Breath Away!
Sometimes truth really can be stranger than fiction. Movies based on true events or a real person's life are worth to see. Here are the best movies based on true stories and we are sure you'll love each of them! In the following list, from Schindler's List to The Aviator, you can reach the best movies of all time that immortalise real-life events, memories and individuals! Enjoy!
19 Horror Movies That Will Make You Wet Your Pants!
When it comes to deciding whether or not a horror movie is worthy of watching, you cannot decide. But we are here to pick best horror movies for you! Here are some horror movies make you sh*t your pants! Enjoy!