Young Woman Dances With Teddy Bear Adorned With Late Father's Face, It Is Really Heartbreaking!


Aljean Legaspino was celebrating her 18th birthday party and her relatives had a teddybear decorated with her father's face because he passed away.

Aljean Legaspino was celebrating her 18th birthday.

In Philippines, there is a tradition that the birthday girl has her first dance with her father.

Aljean's father passed away in a car accident four years ago and that's why she needs to dance alone.

Young woman was really heartbroken because she cannot dance with her father at her birthday party.

When she expected to miss her first dance with her father, her relatives made a surprise for her and it made her cry.

They made her a teddy bear adorned with late father's face.

She was slowly dancing in her red dress with tears pouring down her face.

Her cousin said: "Aljean was so close to her father. Everyone knew it would be hard for her to reach this milestone in her life without him." and Aljean continued : "I was crying so much. It was very emotional.I was sad but I was so overwhelmed that my family had done that. It was a very special moment and it will be the most memorable part."

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