World's Hottest Gran! Mother Of Four Proves That Age Is Just A Number!


Gina is known as the world's hottest grandma and she's one of the most desired women on the planet right now!

Meet the world's hottest grandma, 48-year-old Gina Stewart!

She is a mother of four, She has two sons, James and Cody, and two daughters Casey and 4-year-old Summer!

The 48-year-old has also shared some sweet selfies with her youngest daughter, Summer

Both of them seem to love smiling for the cameras!

Blonde bombshell Gina Stewart, who hails from the Gold Coast, is now one of the finalists in the running for the coveted Miss Maxim 2018.

With her glowing complexion and incredibly youthful appearance, young models are jealous of her!

Gina receives daily marriage proposals from all around the world but she has been single for several years.

'I've been single for a couple of years now,' she explained, before adding: 'I just think most men act like little boys!'

She has 116,000 followers on her Instagram and she never avoids to share naked photos of herself!

She also said:  'The only cosmetic procedure I had was my breasts 10 years ago. I don't use Botox or fillers as I believe in ageing gracefully,'

But sometimes Instagram removed her photos because of their guidelines.

"All my photos are tasteful and only implied nudity,' she explained. 'Instagram is a place for artistic self-expression and creativity." she added.

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