Which Star Wars Character Are You?

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Welcome to the ‘star’ of all the tests.

We highly suggest you do our test while listening to The Imperial March :) Let’s begin!

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1. Start with chosing your movie trilogy.

The Godfather
Back To The Future
Indiana Jones
Lord of the Rings
Toy Story

2. What was your favorite class in high school?

3. Suppose your best friend got into a fight. How would you react?

Beat them up.
Scream and ask for help.
Call the police.
Wouldn’t get involved.
Immediately run for help
Wouldn’t do much if he/she’s doing fine.
Run away.
Help my friend by the end of the fight.
Try to stop the fight.

4. Which social media platform?


5. Pick your color!


6. What should be involved in an ideal first date?

7. Pick your Breaking Bad character!

Skinny Pete
Saul Goodman

8. What do you think when people criticize you?

I think criticisms make you grow as a person.
Who gives a shit?
Talk to my face, if you dare!
Act as I’m listening and continue doing things my way.
If they’re not talking shit..
Haters gonna hate.
I’m in for constructive criticism.
If I find them, they’re dead.
I get disappointed when I get criticized.

9. What do you think about this thing?

10. Finally.. Suppose you went to space for the first time. What’s the first thing you would do?

Search for life.
Check things out.
Try to find peace.
Try to find my boyfriend/girlfriend.
Try to find myself.
Try to find my buddies.
UUU, I like that.
Look for new creatures.
Look for a planet to conquer.

"Luke Skywalker"

You’re the last and the newest hope of this galaxy. It all depends on you. Even though this puts some stress on you, the force is with you, so you’re the coolest! You just have one problem; you are spoiled. But we think it’s only because you’re young. We respect you- saver of the galaxy-the second one of the Skywalkers! :)

"Han Solo"

You’re the worst and bitchiest person ever, when you first meet people. But you’re sometimes bitchy because you play the game according to the rules ;) “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” is your motto. But people who really know you also know that you’re the sweetest and also the coolest man/woman of the galaxy!

"Master Yoda!"

You’re a true leader. You have such a power that you can almost predict the future. Of course it’s not a supernatural power; your have powerful instincts that you can light dark roads with. You give incredibly wise advice to people. We would say "may the force be with you," but you have it already!

"Princess Leia"

If someone has doubts that you’re the most beautiful and royal princess of the whole galaxy, they’re either jealous or blind. Everyone’s into you, but the only thing you’re into is freedom. You wouldn’t be such a beautiful and attractive princess if you weren’t free after all, right?

"Dart Vader"

What happened to you? You were the only hope, the only way out for this galaxy. But you pass through the darkness so much that you can’t come back anymore. Nothing works, it’s now impossible. But you’re still reckless. Bravo!

"Obi Wan Kenobi"

The greatest word that describes you is: wise. You’re so experienced. So the things that surprise people don’t surprise you, because you know that misdeed lies within humans and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to satisfy their ego. Plus, you’re patient. You’re someone who is there when people need you; and you’re not there when things are just good, and you don’t need to be anyway. You’re there when they’re down, that is what’s important.


The best word that describes you: intelligence. You’re focused and detail oriented. Microsoft and Apple, they all want you! It would be rude to Google things when you’re there. You have the intelligence to answer anything in 2 minutes, galaxy’s cutest vacuum cleaner!


First of all, it would be stupid to think you’re lack of emotions just because you’re a robot. It’s the opposite, you’re actually really emotional. You would be Shakespeare and amaze everyone with your emotional sonnets, if you were a human being.


One thing that describes you: Uuuuuur aaaaaargh. You would say Uuuuuur aaaaaargh even when you’re Uuuuuur aaaaaargh. If someone ask you about the meaning of life, you would answer: Uuuuuur aaaaaargh. So your life is simply Uuuuuur aaaaaargh Uuuuuur aaaaaargh :)

"Emperor Palpatine"

Your sense of evilness doesn’t depend on rules, that’s for sure. You enjoy being bad. (Your style is very fancy, that’s a whole different topic). But, if you had to kill someone, you would. If you didn’t, maybe you still would. The result? Humans are to be killed, depends on your mood.

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Thumbs Down
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