Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your Character?


Pixar movies managed to create masterpieces with their unique characters and stories that became a part of our lives. Now we’ll try to find which of those Pixar characters is your soulmate based on your personality. Let’s go!

1. Your birthdate is closer to:

2. Now pick the location you feel closest to!

3. What’s gonna save the world?

When bad people are all caught.
When everyone cleans in front of their houses.
When everyone is kind to each other.
When everyone chases his or her dream.
When everyone is hardworking.
Being optimistic.

4. Pick your favorite image!

5. What do you think about love?

I don't know.
I would do anything for love.
People say I’m romantic.
I don’t want to talk about my privacy.
Just like my passions. I have to feel it deep inside.

6. Now pick your favorite Avengers character!

7. Suppose you’re gonna eat outside. What would it be?

Street food.
Sea food.
Fast Food!
Something light.
Something GOOOD!

8. Final question! What scares you the most?

Never finding love.
Social pressure.
People scare me.
Being alone.


Wall-e was a robot all alone in the world with a big love. You’re someone like Wall-e; emotional, romantic, and fragile. You’re very kind and you don’t do that for people to realize, you do it because it’s a part of your character. You don’t make the effort to be nice, you just do whatever you feel. You know you can survive even if you’re all alone.


You are so “brave,” just like the name of the movie. You never do things the easy way; that makes you uncomfortable. You’re just like Merida; hardworking and ambitious; which makes you the winner. Only one thing; try to express your feelings more, it won’t hurt you.


The cutest character in the Pixar world! You’re so innocent inside; just like Dory! You believe things very easily; which sometimes cause you problems. But you know how to make things better for yourself with your cute attitude and positive perspective. There’s nothing you can’t do for your beloved ones


You have so many passions and always want more; which makes you a better person every day. People should do what they love and what makes them happy and devote their life to it. What’s wrong with that? You’re someone who never cares about appearance or ethnicity. You have the power to do anything to chase your dreams. Keep it up!


Maybe the cutest little boy of the Pixar history! You can do anything with the love you have inside, just like Russel. You believe that being sincere and honest is enough to make things possible; which makes people love you more!


A little old-fashioned and always a loyal friend. You’re Woody because there’s a true leader in you. Being old-fashioned doesn’t mean you’re not open to new things. You just enjoy things better like that. Being the logical and objective one makes you the most popular one among your friends. Plus, you’re a good boyfriend/girlfriend.

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