Which Legendary Queen Are You?


It is your time to rule! Which famous queen do you resemble the most? Let's find out!

1. What will be your priority?

2. What do you look for in your king?

3. How do you wake yourself up in the morning?

4. Pick your nail art!

5. What ticks off your haters the most?

6. Your mother-in-law is doing something behind your back. What will be your strategy?

She would never do something like that.
I'll try asking what her problem is.
I'll tell my doubts to my husband. He needs to pick his side.
She can do whatever she wants. Her time is running out!
I'll poison her.
I'll keep my distance.

7. Which one is your spirit animal?


8. Which one is your palace?

Topkapi Palace
Potala Palace
The Forbidden City
Kremlin Palace
Buckingham Palace

9. Your biggest fear?

You got "Cleopatra!"

You're one extraordinary being! You don't like what others like and you have your own way of doing things. Your charm and charisma is worth seeing. You have learned that you should only trust yourself, so you don't need anyone else to be successful. Finally, if you find the one, you can devote yourself to your significant other without doubt!

You got "Queen Elizabeth I!"

The best word that defines your style: Elegant. Your elegance  makes other people jealous. People know what they are dealing with, so they refrain from you. Even the Pope knows you are solid. You are the most elegant and intimidating queen of all time!

You got "Marie Antoinette!"

Let them eat cake! This is the most misunderstood sentence of all world history. People think of you as arrogant and reckless. However, this is not the reality. You are a sensitive being. You don't want anybody to get hurt, and even the smallest things can make you cry. People have hard time seeing your real personality, but we can see the melancholy behind your smiling face, Marie!

You got "Anne Boleyn!"

You're quite the alpha! You inspire people wherever you go with your positive energy. Taking a step behind is impossible for you, since you love the spotlight. You are ambitious and willing. No one can take you away from reaching your goals. You made all of Britain change their church; people should not underestimate your powers, not for a second.

You got "Queen Victoria!"

You are one of the most powerful women in world history. Whatever patriarchy claims, you successfully prove the opposite! You have attitude, style and charisma. That's all it takes to be a successful leader! You might not be very attractive, but your intelligence is what makes you sexy!

You got "Catherine I of Russia!"

You have an undeniable charm on everyone! We can easily say that you are the alpha female of your group and you don't need to try very hard for this. This is how you have been since the day you were born. Besides your charm, you're also intelligent. You can manipulate anyone you want in a second!

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