Which Historical Figure Are You According To This Psychology Test?


Psychology is everything.

The thoughts and urges you have somewhere deep inside your mind are like clues that tell who you are.

What's more, the answers you give to psychological questions tell everything about you. They can even tell who your soulmate is from the important people in history.

Let's take the test and find out which important person was your soulmate!

Here are strange symptoms that people usually talk about.

  • You're too involved with your social surrounding.

  • At the understanding process of an idea, you care more about the whole instead of the details.

  • You'd rather read a book than go to a party.

  • It's hard to excite you.

  • Taking responsibilities is a must for you.

  • You prefer to act with your mind instead of your emotions.

So, which one of these symptoms do you have lately?

What personal traits do people usually like about yourself?

Please fill in the rest of the sentence.

the effort they show to the fear of being alone.
keeping alive the feeling of running away and staying away.
choosing not to commit suicide that day.
setting sails for new horizons.

What type of book did you read last?

What is the biggest obstacle to solving a problem with creative thinking?

What does destiny mean to you?

''Life is meaningless, what we do is meaningless but it being meaningless doesn't mean I shouldn't do it''. Which philosophical doctrine does this sentence represent?

Which philosophical sentence describes your opinion the best?

ever tried, ever failed, no matter, try again, fail again, fail better
If a rock thrown on the air could think, it would believe that it was moving of its own free will
Who can make you happy if you're not ready?
Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man

Final question! Which color does this image evoke to you?

Salvador Dali!

You, like Salvador Dali, have an unsteady mood and an unruly mind. You're one of a kind. Because you're talented and have a genius perspective, you don't see things superficially like most people around you. Your life goes very deep and you're running on the thin line between madness and genius. Ordinary souls who don't understand this thin line don't understand you like they didn't understand Dali. Let them not understand you, let them treat you like you're crazy. Tell 'em that you don't do drugs, you're drugs itself! Just like Dali said.

Sigmund Freud!

You, like Sigmund Freud, don't try to explain yourself to others and you don't worry if people understand you or not. You are a depressive who understood the pointlessness of life and a melancholic who understood the pointlessness of ego. Because you have a high perception capacity, you turned the human mind into your back yard. You can analyze the people's behaviors and emotions around you and can make interesting arguments and sharp detections. Just like Sigmund Freud did.

Nikola Tesla!

You, like Nikola Tesla, show that if you go out of the limits of humanity, they don't understand you and exclude you. You don't think like other people, have the same stupid worries that they have. And this helps you to wander in your mind freely and see the big picture. You're solution oriented and your mind works like that. That's why your mind is the most precious treasure in the universe and you don't make it tired with senseless things. As Tesla said one must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.

Fyodor Dostoevsky!

You, like Dostoyevsky, is a person beyond measure who takes around his/her soul in this endless universe. You get happy from quite strange things and can laugh at them. You let the strings of your soul go and is a traveler who knows no limits. You're solution oriented and for this reason, you can make things happen that most people seem impossible. You realize that everything is related to the environment in which people live. Don't shut the windows of your soul. Always leave them open, will you? Just like Dostoevsky.

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