Which Genius Are You?!


So you think you're a genius? 

There are so many other geniuses out there, so you need to be a bit more specific. 

Are you a physics genius, literature genius, art genius? Care to find out who da real MVP is?

1. Firstly...We know most geniuses were kicked out of school. Which subject troubled you the most?

2. Which gorgeous college would you like to study at?


3. And now, which intelligent animal suits you?


4. Which annoys you more?

5. Which one's harder?

World peace
The existence of God
Serial killer cases
Schizophrenic's mind
Rocket science
German football
Lynch movies
Women's brain

6. How do you tackle your problems?

7. What's the biggest event in the history?

The invention of writing

8. Say you're enemies with a country. How will you beat them?

Infiltrate with spies.
Destroy their culture!
Stab them in the back!
Badmouth them to other countries and let them fight.
Go to war!
I'll educate my country way better.
Improve my inner politics first.
Cold war!
I use other countries to make myself richer.

9. Which test is more boring?

10. Lastly, how will the world end?

"Scientific Genius: Albert Einstein"

You are the smartest person mankind has ever seen, but are also quite arrogant. But of all people, YOU should be the arrogant one...If you're not careful, people can easily use your ideas for evil purposes. Bottom line is, you are so freaking clever!

"Commercial Genius: Steve Jobs"

You are a genius for sure, but calling you a genius won't be enough. You know people so well. You know what they might need and you can influence them so greatly. You know how to turn all this into money! And, oh boy, do you make the big bucks! Stay hungry, stay foolish!

"Miraculous Genius: Nikola Tesla"

You are one of a very few people who deserve the whole world's respect: The hero of the science world, Nikola Tesla. Your success has always been underrated. You are always well ahead of your time and everything you do is for a greater good. Don't let people take advantage of you. Most of all, don't let people take credit for the things you achieve!

"Literature Genius: Dostoyevski"

Your realistic eyes never miss anything. You can describe people's sorrow, mistakes, and purposes so darn well! You know how to survive with 3 rubles,  in Siberia, and taking notes in the underground. You represent St. Petersburg perfectly. Your observation skills are just as good as your writing skills!

"Intellectual Genius: Nietzsche"

Philosophy and intellect...You don't even care about your genius features because you are the biggest pessimist in the world! You always see the darker shades in life, but this is not your true character. The world is evil and you are smart enough to see it. You are brave, and you never believe in anything before questioning it.

"A born genius: Sherlock Holmes"

You're a natural...You are extremely gifted, and you've never had to work hard to improve your skills. You don't like being this way because it's always brought you pain and suffering, but you are still extremely proud about your brain to the degree of pure arrogance. Oh and lastly, you are an excellent problem solver!

"Political Genius: Winston Churchill"

You were born a leader. You always have the best seat at the table, at the parliament or wherever you go. You were born this way. You know who to trust and what trust means. In this wretched world, you have your own protective walls. You are a true Brit. You can win wars without firing a single bullet. You also know your way around words!

"Sociopathic Genius: Hannibal Lecter"

You immediately amaze people with your eyes. You are intimidating, sinister and you can almost read minds! But you cover this with your elegance and passion for art and music. And hey, maybe cooking? You like your meat juicy...You are manipulative and can fool people easily.

"Football Genius: Jose Mourinho"

You're all about football! You see your whole life as a football game. You like maximizing your profits with minimum expenses. You adapt and fit yourself into any situation. You do everything you can to get that victory, and you usually get it! Lastly, all your victories and pretty glorious!

"Cinematographic Genius: Quentin Tarantino"

You see into things much better than anyone else. You worked so hard to get to where you are. You never have enough, and you always find ways to improve yourself! You know no limits. This is why you keep improving! You read a lot, and as a result, you know a lot! You have no trouble expressing yourself and actually, you end up talking a wee bit too much at times!

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