Which European City You Should Visit Based On Your Art Preference?


Cultural tourism is always good for the human soul. Now we’ll tell you which European city you should see based on your art preferences. Let’s start!

1. Which field of art appeals most to you?


2. Which one of these architectural structures is more aesthetic?

3. Which art period would you want to live in if you were an artist?

4. Which one of these painting styles appealed most to you?

5. Which one of these paintings would you like to hang on your wall?

6. Which one of these paintings evokes more feelings inside you?

7. Which one of these composers do you like listening to the most?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Johann Sebastian Bach
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Antonio Vivaldi
Frederic Chopin
Giuseppe Verdi
Ludwig van Beethoven
Richard Strauss
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

8. Now pick a sculpture.

9. Finally, cinema. Which one of these films do you like the most?

The Dreamers
Pulp Fiction
La Vita è Bella
The Prestige
Clockwork Orange



We think that you should go to Berlin in Europe because of the answers you gave. This city where modern art and classic art movements intersect is just the right city for you. This city hosts the Bergama Museum which has pieces from Ancient history and also so many modern art galleries and it is really popular among young people lately. It also attracts attention with its pretty upbeat nightlife. According to your sense of art, you belong to Berlin.


Rome is just like an outdoor museum and you need so spend hours just to walk around even without going into museums. Seeing this city is a must for art-lovers especially because of the architectural structure of it. With its great squares and water fountains located in these squares, Rome suits you perfectly. Besides all of this, the residue from Ancient history is going to strike your attention. We also need to add that Rome hosts many important painting collections from around the world.


There are so many attractive things about Florence; which also looks like an outdoor museum. It is impossible not to fall in love with the great architectural structures and palazzos at the capital of the Renaissance. It is so fascinating that the city being the host for the Renaissance’s most famous artists’ sculptures. Aside from these, you really need to see Uffizi’s painting collection. We are sure that you will be amazed by the artwork in the museum where the most well-known Renaissance paintings are on display.


Amsterdam is just the right city for you and it has always been the favorite of the young people with its colorful architectural structure and wild nightlife. Especially, you are not going to hide your surprised face once you see Rembrandt’s paintings who left his mark on the Holland Baroque in Rijksmuseum.


Your answers tell us that you should go to Vienna according to your sense of art. The city where the Rococo art is at the forefront is known by the music. The city raised so many great musicians and the music will be your soul therapy. We strongly recommend you to go to classical music concerts.


You are definitely a Paris kind of person. You shouldn’t just go there, you should live there. All kinds of art can be found in the city. You’re going to spend days to see everything in the Louvre Museum which is one of the most famous art museums that has the best collections in the world. The city is not only good at plastic art but also it is one of the best at cinema and theater. This city will pull you in and you will never want to leave. You belong to Paris because you are a true art-lover.


Your sense of art says that you belong to Prague where the Gothic and Baroque architecture is perfectly harmonized. You will have a stiff neck trying to look at all the fascinating buildings around the city. This city was clearly designed for you. You will get addicted to this city once it starts to pull you in.


Everyone has to see this beautiful city known as the center of modern art. You will fall in love with the Art Nouveau in this city. No one could hide their feelings once they see the amazing buildings of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. Especially when it comes to La Sagrada Familia; which is the symbol of the city, a question will pop in your head… “How did Gaudi build this marvelous structure?” We strongly think that you certainly belong to Barcelona.

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