Which Element Are You?


According to Greek philosopher Aristotle, there are 4 main elements in nature, and these elements define our characters. Even the star signs are grouped by these elements. If you want to find out which element you are, our quiz is ready!

1. You're about to make an important decision. How are you gonna do that?

I trust my own instincts, they are always right.
I'll look at the big picture and decide according to my intentions.
I'll think about all the possibilities thoroughly and decide after that.
I won't lose time thinking. Even the worst decision is better than nothing.

2. What does love mean to you?


3. You started something new but it doesn't seem like it has an end.

I think I'm just gonna give up. It wasn't for me anyway.
I'll look for different ways to finish it.
I won't rest unless I'll finish this thing.
I don't wanna lose anymore time. I'm going to do something else.

4. How do your friends define you?

Emotional & Helpful
Realist & Elaborative
Patient & Cautious
Idealist & Excited

5. What does "risk" mean to you?

If I think that I should take that risk, I'll take it.
I'll take risks after calculating the pros and cons.
You can't go further without taking risks.
I don't like taking risks.

6. Where do you feel most comfortable?

With my family
With my friends

7. What is your reaction when you're super angry with a friend?

I lose my temper fast, but this state doesn't stay for long.
I'll try to stay calm in order to avoid doing something wrong.
I'll try to compromise by talking.
I'll try to put myself in their shoes.

8. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Take my backpack and discover new places.
Have fun with my friends.
Spend time with my family.

9. Your favorite personality traits?

My ability to communicate with others.
My ability to lead others.
My instincts and creativity.
My patience and determination.

Your element is Water!

You're an emotional being. You trust your own instincts and they are usually right. It sometimes feels like you belong to an another world. You put your feelings above all the material things.

Your element is Earth!

You're grounded and strong-minded. You don't like change and you finish what you start, no matter what. You might seem cold at first, but you're actually sincere and reliable.

Your element is Fire!

You're shiny and bright, just like fire! You have no patience for slowness and stability. Wherever you go, you take all the attention with your energy. You can be whimsical sometimes, but you usually finish what you start with your idealism.

Your element is Air!

You're smart and intelligent. Your communication skills are very strong. You have a calm figure but you're also versatile and curious. You really know how to deal with people. You like learning about the stuff you like and you get better at them. You don't like to be on your own.

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