Which Breaking Bad Character Are You?


We have seen many TV shows, but Breaking Bad was like no other. Are you ready to figure out which Breaking Bad character you resemble the most?

1. Pick an element for starters!


2. If someone does cutsies on a line, what would you do?

3. What kind of "bad" are you?

Only do bad to protect myself.
I'm my own worst enemy!
I'm the vice president of all evil!
Too naive to do any harm.
I enjoy being evil! YAY!
I have my own ways.
Envious one
I'll plan my actions. Doing bad is serious business.
He he! I'm a sociopath!

4. Someone is messing with you all the time and this is playing with your nerves. What would you do?

5. Pick an animal!

6. You are depressed. How are you gonna deal with it?

7. Pick a weapon to defend yourself!

Water gun
My language
My brain
Bread knife

8. What would be the cause of your destruction?

9. Finally... What are you watching tonight?

Pulp Fiction
Forest Gump
Fast and Furious
Sex And The City
The Usual Suspects

You got "Walter White!"

You show the true colors of being a human. Nobody does the right thing all the time. However, you have such unique style that no one wants to do the right thing after seeing you. You could have been the guy with the most strategic thinking skills in this world. People do not see this at first but when they do see it, they are afraid of your great mind. You are not in danger. You are the DANGER! and you're goddamn right!

You got "Skyler White!"

You are a total pain in the a**. Don't expect us to praise you here. Truth hurts! You care about money more than anything else. You are unfaithful and you don't think twice before ratting out other people. You wrote the book of being an egoist. You must live in the underworld if you ask us.

You got "Walter White Jr.!"

You're quite naive. You don't really see what is going on around you. You even try to see good in bad things. Even when they are quite obvious, you don't believe in what you see. Open your eyes dude. This cruel world is brutal, you need to change to adjust into that life.

You got "Hank Schrader!"

Strong is the word that defines you. Nothing can bring you down. You trust your instincts and you follow them no matter what. You always see the good things in life, however life has proved you wrong many times. You owe this to your skepticism. People feel safe around you since you have an ability to smell the danger.

You got "Gus Fring!"

You are a criminal. You are pure evil, but it is not your fault. Life and its consequences has turned you into a villain. Being evil is not an easy business. Even the murderers have their own reasons. You are actually kind, intellectual and sincere, but you don't have a chance to show these so often. You need to watch your back all the time to survive! You are a true realist, that's all!

You got "Jesse Pinkman," bitch!

Though you seem reckless at first, you are an emotional human being. Your deep melancholy surprises the people around you. You're sometimes too naive and this results in you being manipulated. This is the reason why people disappoint you occasionally. Don't let this guy down, bitch!

You got "Mike Ehrmantraut!"

You are a professional badass. If someone hires you, they are so very lucky since you are the ultimate workaholic! You plan your actions carefully and you analyze everything around you. Do we have to mention that you live in the details. Your only flaw is to trust other people.

You got "Saul Goodman!"

We have never seen someone like you! You know how to enjoy life and you are fun! People love to have you around because you make good jokes all the time. This is the reason why you don't like people who frown all the time. Moreover, you have a lot of friends. Friends of friends... You know a guy who knows a guy. You know what we are talking about, right here! Better Call Saul!

You got "Hector Salamanca"!

You are full of anger. Your fire cannot be put out with anything. You live for your revenge. Cold or hot it doesn't matter. Revenge is your favorite dish. We are grateful for not to being your enemy, tbh. If someone did something bad to you, the bells are ringing for them. Ding, ding, ding!

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