Which Brand Are You?


Which brand defines your lifestyle? If you were to found a brand, which one would it be? And many others.

1. Which letter couple attracts you the most?

2. Pick a currency.


3. Pick a music group.

The Rolling Stones
Linkin Park
Daft Punk
Arctic Monkeys
The Killers
Pink Floyd

4. You need to save some money. What would you give up first?

Credit Card Expenses
Personal Interests
Arts & Culture
Books & Magazines
Night Life

5. Which square?

Helsinki Senate Square, Helsinki
Takashimaya Times Square, Tokyo
Tahrir Square, Cairo
Times Square, New York
Champs-Élysées, Paris
Trafalgar Square, London
Duomo Square, Milano
Tiananmen Square, China
Taksim Square, İstanbul

6. Which makes you the happiest?

Getting something you really wanted for your birthday
Fix something broken at your place
Finding out that you lost some weight
Finding 20 bucks in your pocket
Dentist appointment goes quick and painless
Your new couch fit perfectly to your room
Finding out that your crush likes you too
Getting A- from a class that you think you've failed
A new pair of shoes

7. Pick a font.

8. World Cinema favorite?

Latin America

9. What attracts you the most on an advertisement?

Visual Story

10. Final question: Pick a fruit.

You are "Apple."

Always one step ahead. People care about your futuristic thinking. Your visionary side makes you a bit selfish sometimes. People don't care about your selfish behavior since you are in good terms with everyone. You care about your friends and family. Technology is your thing, you don't want to miss out on things. You are the tech-lover of your friend group.

You are "McDonald's."

You live life pretty fast. Your dynamic personality is motivating others to be like you. Life is short and you want to live it to the fullest. Your never ending energy can be tough for others at times, but no one is complaining about that. You're the organizer of your friend group. You discovered the next hip restaurant that everybody's talking about right now. People like your vision and lifestyle.

You are "IKEA."

Your mind is a practical one. Your philosophy: "Every problem has a solution, you just need to dig deeper." You make the lives of others easy. You forget about yourself from time to time because you are a caring person. You make sure you have time for yourself.

You are "Coca Cola."

You always discover the good in life. You look for the hidden pleasures of life. Your attention to detail might be annoying sometimes, however you have no intention to stop doing that. Maybe you shouldn't. This is the only thing that can make you happy. You like discovering new places and meeting new people. Travelling is everything to you.

You are "Starbucks".

Everyone needs someone like you in their lives. You have so many different facets. Positive, energetic and full of smiles... That's why people want you around them. Although you are a good listener, you have hard time sharing your problems. Be careful, don't forget to talk about your troubles every once in a while!

You are "Chanel."

The word "cool" was invented just for you. You are charismatic and you know how to use your charm. Your way of complimenting or helping others is definitely extraordinary. It's not hard to misunderstand you, or to put it another way, you're easy to misunderstand. However, if you make friends with someone, that friendship is forever. You're like adrenaline to others.

You are "Sony."

It's hard to keep up with you. You live life to the fullest. You never spend a dull day. People around you feel lucky when they see you because you always have a busy schedule. You don't want to miss anything in life. This is the reason why you enjoy people like yourself. It's not likely for you to have fun otherwise.

You are "Adidas."

You are a dynamic one. You don't know the meaning of the word "stop." You exercise regularly, and if you don't, you feel guilty. You also like to be there for others in need. Even if this is exhausting at times, a smile you get from them is more than enough for you. Make sure you have time for yourself. You need yourself to be strong.

You are "Levi's."

You are a strong one. No problem can bring you down. You know that every problem in this life has a solution. This cool, strong side of you makes you a trusted person. However, you try so hard to maintain this trust. Calm down a bit.

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