What Type Of Jewelry Are You?


We know women are priceless jewels and the brightness of each jewelry has its unique character. Let’s find out which type of jewelry you are according to your character ;)

1. Pearls mean elegance, recreation and maturity. Which one would make you happier to have?

2. Choose which fashionista mom-daughter you’re drawn to..

3. Now my dear, tell me which celeb woman you are.

Gigi Hadid
Emma Stone
Dakota Johnson
Scarlett Johansson

4. Which of these women would you most resemble on the red carpet?

Selena Gomez
Bella Hadid
Dakota Johnson
Charlize Theron

5. Look how beautiful these colors are! Should we lose ourselves in the magic of purple? Which of these dresses would you prefer to walk in?

6. Would you want to wear this jewelry dress?

If we can reduce the amount of jewelry, maybe
No absolutely not
OMG I love it
I would make them add some more jewels on this

7. Which instrument best fits your personality?

Transverse flute

8. What is your perfect marriage proposal?

Calm and quiet, in the nature
Above the clouds
In the middle of a cotton field

You are a true ruby woman!

You’re born for love and passion. You can’t enjoy life if you don’t feel that excitement in your soul. You’re someone who connects people to life. You leave your mark and color everywhere you go.

You are a balanced amethyst!

You have a very peaceful and balanced life. No matter what happens in life, you find contentment and move your way with a perfect balance. People always want to get the most out of your inner peace. Power and wealth will be yours.

You’re a diamond woman!

You’re pretty healthy both mentally and physically. You love to take walks in nature and embrace all the animals, including the wild ones. You’re so innocent deep inside that all the animals want compassion from you. You’re like a little child protecting his/her innocence among all that glitter.

You’re an emerald woman!

You’re such a blessed and cheerful person. You always have a bunch of people around you and they love to spend time with you; they’re so lucky! You give them life, abundance, peace and much more!

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