What Percent Alien Are You?


Do you think you have a little bit of an alien DNA? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t belong to this world? Or feel apart from this world and the things going on here? Getting isolated from people around you? Then take the test to find out how much of a human and how much an alien you are.

1. Tell us which of these creatures from different mythologies you like the most.

Baba Yaga
Kasa Obake

2. How’s your tolerance for physical pain?

3. Do you think you’re emotional?

4. Please tell us the truth. How often do you cry?

5. Do you sometimes get isolated from your current location and feel like you’re not there for a while?

6. What does this image remind you of?

7. Which one irritates you the most?

8. Final question. Which visual best describes what you feel when you look at the sky?

100% Alien!

You’re completely alien. You scare us, to be honest! You belong to another planet and pretty different from the living creatures we know of. Maybe you were sent here for a secret mission or came to this world by accident. Whatever it is, you’re definitely different, like, very different. The place you belong to is far, far away. You’re an alien in a human body.

75% alien 25% human!

You’re pretty much an alien. You may be among us and look like us but it’s obvious that you don’t belong here. You’re far away from the life and people here, no matter how much you look involved! You’re having difficulties adapting to this world but that 25% helps you to do so. Your home is far, far away. You’re just a visitor here.

60% alien 40% human!

Even though we can’t call you a complete alien, a huge part of you belongs to somewhere else, like very, very far. Your adaptation problems and the feeling of being alienated are all caused by this fact. Even though you seem like you’re keeping up with this world, your aura makes it obvious that you don’t belong here. You belong to that place far, far away from here!

50% alien 50% human!

It’s pretty hard to figure you out. You’re carrying the signs of both sides, and you’re doing it pretty well. We can’t call you an alien or a human because you’re both well adapted here and seem like you belong to another life. It’s hard to understand if you’re a well-adapted alien or a human that can get along well with aliens. You’ve found the perfect balance. You can survive on both sides!

25% alien 75% human!

Even though we can’t call you an alien, a part of you has something from far, far away. You’re pretty much a human but still connected to another life. There is a possibility that you’re a well-adapted alien, but we think you’re human according to the answers you gave. Maybe you’re tricking us pretty well but you have perfect adaptation abilities. Your little part that comes from the space makes you different and unique.

100% human!


You have nothing to do with aliens at all. You’re completely human. You belong to this world and this life. It’s pretty obvious. You don’t have anything to hide, so it’s very easy to understand that you belong to this world. You’re definitely a human; if you’re not a genius creature that has a special mission in our world. If we’re wrong, that means you’re extremely talented at hiding it. But what we see is a complete earthman!

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