What Kind Of Person Are You Allergic To?


Everyone has a pet peeve; an attitude or behavior they are allergic to. What is yours? Find out here.

Let's start with social media... Which Facebook friend or act bothers you the most?

Unnecessary / creepy commentators.
The rude comedians.
Those who can't spell or use proper grammar.
Pro-Fascist Government Posts.
Conspiracy Theorists.
Those who leave messages on 'seen.'
Those who call their partner; "wifey," "hubby," "boo" etc.
Those who love bragging.
Annoying couple in love.

What would you say to this person?

You're going to break up soon.
Have you heard the word "humble?" You should try it sometime.
You look horrible in that selfie.
I hope your children never learn to read.
Are you seriously too busy to reply?
May you get hacked, whoever you are!
Please don't reproduce.
A plague on both you and your "hubby!"
Ugh. Can't even.

Which of these animals would you want to cheer up?

Which career group do you hate the most?

Sculptors / Painters
Real Estate
DJs / Bartenders
Government employees

Which one will save the world?

What does your face look like when you are annoyed?

You are the boss. Which employee bothers you the most?

The one who talks behind your back.
The ambitious bootlicker.
The lazy one.
The ignorant, uneducated one.
The one who flirts with everyone who works there.
The one with stupid ideas.
The one who doesn't respect you and your authority.
The one who treats you well but oppresses others.
The one who always calls in sick.

Last question: High school was stupid and we are all over it. If you went back which of these kids would you knock out?

The loud group in the back.
That lazy kid who was always sleeping in the back.
The one who borrows your stuff and never gives them back.
Nerds sitting in the front.
Posh, arrogant rich kids.
The couple who doesn't get enough of PDA.
The girls who show off everything.
Bullies who ruled.
The silent one who may or may not be a future serial killer.

You're allergic to liars!

You can tolerate all but the liars. Honesty is so important in your life. You always dream of a simple life, without drama, with truth only. But liars are everywhere and they aren't going away anytime soon. When you see one, you feel instant swelling, itching, and start sneezing. But you are also their worst nightmare! You like to call them out so much, you should get paid for it. ;)

You're allergic to phoney people!

Two-faced superficial people drain your blood. Fake behavior, attitudes that aren't genuine... Their masks try to hide how trashy they are but it doesn't work for you. But you do you; just continue being yourself and genuine!

You're allergic to laziness!

You don't understand how it's so trendy to be lazy nowadays. As if it's cool to work little but play hard. If this had any basis, fine, but they have no excuses and it's so irritating. Just keep on your path and ignore them. Just like Bob Marley said: "Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight!"

You're allergic to daydreamers!

We all wish the world was like the fairytale that those with rose-colored glasses see. If the world is any color at all, it would be black, or white, or maybe gray at the most. These are the only realistic terms to see life, and you are the spokesperson of realism. For you, evil exists and no one is to be trusted. You are irritated by those noobs who look the other way and you have a point!

You're allergic to bootlickers!

These are the cunning ambitious people who worship the powerful and oppress the weak. They are empty inside but they know how to market themselves. If the world had any justice those who actually put an effort would get what they deserve. But surely, there are also those who see real work and quality people for what they are. Don't lose hope.

You're allergic to dictatorship!

You can't stand oppression and unquestioned authority. You wouldn't even let your closest ones be involved with your decisions. No one can tell you what to wear, what to eat or how to eat. You are a free spirit that can't be caged, no dictator can have a say on what you can or can't do! But don't forget; you are a dictator's worst nightmare. Let them shoot whatever weapon they have on you, but ideas are bulletproof. ;)

You are allergic to grammar errors!

Anyone who is too inept to educate themselves shouldn't even reproduce. Knowledge is important and precious for you, but grammar and spelling don't even count as knowledge. They are the simple foundation for any intelligent adult environment. The fact that there are people who can't even get it right just kills you. There's nothing wrong with being a grammar nazi if it means you're educating people and protecting the dignity of your language.

You're allergic to disrespect!

You have a serious problem with disrespect. It's just logical for you to respect others as your equals, and expect it back. You are graceful and gentle to others, but there are those who have no manners. They act like their rudeness makes them cool, and think they are better than everyone. Don't give up your attitude and keep doing you, that's always the most powerful reaction. Be that rare, strong jewel that shines.

You're allergic to Public Displays of Affection!

Real love doesn't require a public display. You are really irritated by those couples who are always trying to tell everyone how much they love each other. The lame nicknames they call each other on social media is almost reason for murder. But there's that infamous reaction that you get any time you express these thoughts; "You're jealous and forever alone..."

No, you aren't jealous, you are just allergic. It's because you know that true love doesn't need to be published everywhere. They're probably going to break up soon anyway. Just hope that they don't have a baby anytime soon, but let's not think about that and ruin your day ;)

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