What Happens When You Accidentally Break A Sculpture In A Museum?


As you travel around a museum, where everyone is rushing around, you often ask yourself these 2 questions: 

  • 1. How much money do they cost? 

  • 2. What happens if I accidentally break one? 

If you're a museum lover, that thought must have crossed your mind at least a thousand times. If you were too afraid to ask or didn't care that much, you can now find your answer here. Prepare yourself for the penalty!

Let's look at the second situation. Even just thinking about it makes your heart beat faster. The most rational solution is to walk in the museum, pay attention to your environment, and not get too close to the edges.


But what if you have a child? 

Thinking about all this might sound crazy. Let's not forget all the possibilities and think about what we can do in this possible situation.

Isaac Kaplan, the art historian, examines the story of a few people who have faced such a situation in his latest work.


Lost the battle to a selfie.

Let's ask the question: WHAT HAPPENS IF WE BREAK THEM?!


Another one which lost the war to a selfie.

What happens is, you do public service and pay your penalty by working in the souvenir section of the museum for 20 years.

No, it's just a joke. Let's say it was accidental, the worst that could happen is you probably won't be able to go to that museum again because of embarrassment and people will make fun of you until you die.


Although there is an important difference between accidentally hitting a piece and being a maniac attacking it with a hammer in your hand, you don't get in much trouble.


Another one who lost the war to a selfie.

Because museums are mostly non-profit organizations, most of the works in it are insured, and they are usually put in the museums by art lovers or other organizations through grants.

In addition, according to Colin Quinn, director of AXA Art Americas Corporation, only 10% of the damage to museums was done by the visitors. So this is a rather low rate and it is nothing compared with other possibilities.


"C'mon lad! That really hurt!"

The butts of visitors are an important threat to the history of the art world, and it is simple why it is not precisely prevented.


Putting all works of art behind glass makes the museum experience quite artificial and boring. Thus, they take the risk of damage even though it occurs at low rates.

So, if you break something, be calm and report it to staff. Museum officials will take your ID information.


No, not to hand you over to the police, but for the record.

We can say that you don't have to run. Nothing will happen, anyway. However, if you run away, the museum will find you. Don't forget, it also matters what your intentions are.


Nevertheless, with all of these comforts, put aside the idea of taking selfies with the sculpture on your lap. Even if nothing happens to you, history will not hesitate to call you a dumbass.


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