What Does Your Sex Appeal Taste Like?


It's true that everyone is sexually attractive in their own way, but have you ever wondered what your sex appeal TASTES like?? Let's find out!

1. What do people find attractive about you?

2. Which donut would you choose to eat?

3. What would be the perfect place for a date?

4. Which one are you craving when you look at these?

5. Now.. Choose a way to impress someone!

First some interest, then pulling myself away.
I'll be protective.
I would like an Instagram post that is from 6 months ago.
I would text: "Hey :)"
I would wait for an emotional moment to make my move.
I would ask my friends to hook us up.

6. You're sexy and definitely sweet. Pick one.

Lemon cheesecake
Apple pie
Ice cream

Your sex appeal is salty!!!

You are really brave! That’s why you always make clear decisions and feel confident. People can’t resist your charm and always ask for more. You’re addictive and they just cannot get enough of you. That's why people feel incomplete when you leave them.

Your sex appeal is spicy!

You are actually very mysterious and dangerous. That’s why people always think twice before getting close to you. Your charm makes people respect you. But once you let them in your life, people get addicted to you pretty easily. You are strong and irresistible. You can turn anything you touch into life and passion!

Your sex appeal is smoky!

Even if you don’t realize it, all eyes are on you wherever you go! Your look has a different effect on people. There is nothing to do, you were born this way!  Your “fire” is by nature, and ready to burn everyone.

Your sex appeal is sweet!

You’re pretty gorgeous and impressive! Plus very chill and funny! You don’t have any problems with talking to people and doing little and cute things to make them feel special because you’re damn good at understanding everyone’s needs. Your sex appeal is extremely glamorous compared to others and it’s something by nature, proving you’re different than anyone else!

Your sex appeal is salty & sweet!

Your sex appeal is full of surprises. You can suddenly start acting different while you were acting pretty determined. Even though you’re very confusing, we can say that no one can resist you because you have a mysterious charm. You’re not always sweet but always full of life and cheerful, and it’s what makes you irreplaceable!

Your sex appeal is somewhat acrid!

One needs to be very, very crafty to notice your sex appeal. Your appeal’s taste is silent, deep and soft. So, one needs to get closer to you to understand how sexy you are, otherwise it’s not easy at all. Your charm is a total mystery and if someone starts to solve it, he/she can never leave! Maybe you don’t have a glamour that everyone is talking about, but you are someone who doesn’t need publicity at all!!

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