What Color Is Your Personality?

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Each soul on this earth has a color associated with it; a color that best describes the owner's' personality, a simple reflection of who they are. Take our test to discover the color of your soul!

1. Let’s start: What is the color you see first?

2. What about here?

3. Great view huh? Choose the color you see first.

4. Dreaming of this view! Which color are you most drawn to?

5. Which color screams at you?

6. We want to go here, right now! But tell us your color here.

7. Fall is here! Which color talks to you the most?

8. So peaceful, but which color is yours?

9. Final question with a colorful view! What is the color you see first?

Yellow sunshine!

The color of your soul is yellow, according to the answers you gave! Not like a regular yellow though, a yellow that spreads happiness and energy, gives warmth and shines bright like the sun! Which means you’re quite energetic, cheerful and adventurous! You live life to enjoy it; you never get sad about unnecessary things and appreciate every single moment of your life! You’re also very sincere; people love your friendly smile!

Ocean blue!

The color of your soul is blue, according to the answers you gave! Not like a regular blue though; a blue that eases the mind and reminds the purity of life. Which means, you are very sensitive, fragile and emotional. Even though you try to hide it, your feelings mostly dominate your actions. The reason why is that you feel more deeply and intensely than other people. You prefer to feel them deep inside because you believe that each of those emotions will help you grow. You know what? You’re doing a great thing, keep it up!

Forest green!

The color of your soul is green, according to the answers you gave! Not like a regular green though; it’s a calm, natural green that fills people with peace and trust! Which means you’re very calm, focused, mature and smart! You believe that life is full of mysteries to solve and lessons to learn; which makes you even more curious. You’re very wise and mature, it not easy to find someone like you!

Fire red!

The color of your soul is red, according to the answers you gave! Not like a regular red though; a red that is hot like fire fascinating to look at! Which means you have an interesting aura. You attract people's attention without even doing anything special, so much that people can feel the warmth of the blood in your veins. No, we’re not exaggerating, you’re super attractive and charismatic. You're also very passionate; you do everything with a great passion and it’s almost impossible not to notice it.

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