This Is Why You Should Never Put Q-Tips Inside Of Your Ear!


We all use them and they seem useful, but the reality is different. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t put Q-tips inside of your ear.

It’s fun to use Q-tips, right?

Cotton swabs give the feeling of cleanliness and make us feel pleasant.

We use them after shower mostly.

We’re are faced with a big commercial invention here. We become used to it over time and we feel the need of using it after taking a shower.

You can use them for more than one purpose; which makes it an essential product to have.

Cotton swabs have many other functions but the primary purpose is ‘ear cleaning.’

However, the usage of Q-tips is actually dangerous.

They bring the feeling of cleanliness but in reality, they have an opposite effect on our ears.

Our ears have a perfect structure.

We receive vibrations through our eardrum; which helps us to hear.

Unknowingly, we do a bad thing to our ears.

Yes, Q-tips clean a part of the wax inside of our ears.

But we push the remaining wax further in by using cotton swabs.

Which diminishes the eardrum’s effectiveness.

The wax sitting against the eardrum stops it from functioning.

The wax load prevents the eardrum from vibrating effectively which can cause a hearing loss.

Having earwax is actually not a bad thing.

The earwax keeps insects and other unhealthy organisms away from our ears.

NYU Langone Clinical Associate Professor William H. Shapiro states that we shouldn’t take wax out of the ear ourselves but we should visit the doctor for a proper ear cleaning.

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