This Image Will Show You How Deceptive Your Vision Can Be!


Yes, our bodies are an example of how amazing and complicated a system can be. Lots of stuff has evolved nicely to make things easier on us. We are awesome! 

However, our senses are easily deceivable. Go ahead and see how your vision does when it comes to this image:

There are exactly 12 black dots in this image.

Try to see these dots at the same time, which are located at the intersections.

Could you do it? Probably no, because our vision is not good enough to accomplish this. When you focus on a single area, your eyes fail to see a couple of these black dots.

There is another version of the same image, with white dots.

It is the same story with this one, too, isn't it? But why?

So here it goes: the continuance of the gray lines make up the gray transitions that are actually not there, where you don't see the dots. In other words, our brains kinda patch these dots with the gray background.

And here is another image that works with the same "patch" principle:

The shapes in the image look like they have an intersecting point, right? However, no matter how long you search for it, you can never see that intersection because it doesn't exist.

To sum up, our eyesight has never been perfect. There are still some systematic flaws. :) This is all normal, but it should suffice to repeat the sentence: "Nothing is as it seems!"

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