This Happened Too! A Shoe Company Made High-Heel Shoes For Babies


Finally, it happened! According to Buzzfeed, a shoe company named Pee Wee Pump designed high heels for babies. It looks like there will be those who think that these shoes are so sweet and those who won't be so happy about the situation.


Just look at this picture for a second, will you?

And this one, of these two adorable babes.

Ve de ayaklarına...

If you noticed that these babies are wearing high heels.

Is this a baby or an old woman going to a mahjong game!

This baby is definitely ready for the party!

Çocuk bile mutsuzsa demek ki...

In case you're wondering how such a ~thing~ could happen, well, these tiny baby shoes are from a company called Pee Wee Shoes.

According to Pee Wee, "your little princess will be the belle of the ball with her first fashion statement."

They're just $14.99 a pair.

Is it both cool and stylish?

It looks like she's ready to go shopping.

Here is another one.

Gold, pearls, and high heels...

You can see, from the baby's face, that she's enjoying it.

What do you think about these shoes; Are they fashionable or not appropriate for babies?
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