There's Still Hope! A Man Gives Up Everything And Moves To South Africa To Save Wild Animals


Animals are belong to this earth as mush as we do, and maybe even more. But instead of cherishing and loving them, a lot people are hurting them for their own profit. Dean is a devoted man and he left everything to save the wild animals of South Africa. Here's his inspiring story to give the humanity some hope...

Dean Schneider gave up everything and went to South Africa for good to save wild animals from poachers.

He loved animals since he was born and decided to devote his whole life to them. Dean worked on a various voluntary projects for animals and later on, he left his career as a financial planner and went to South Africa to be with wild animals all the time. 

He sold all of his belongings and used the money for his own project. His family didn't give their support at first but then they realized the importance of the animals for Dean.

When he came to South Africa, he started his project called Hakuna Mipaka which means "no limit" in Swahili.

His project contains a large sanctuary and it became home to many abused animals. Some of them were rescued from zoos where they treated very badly, some of them were captive bred animals. As the list goes on, many poor lives have been saved. 

The rescued animals cannot be sent into the wild again because they can't hunt anymore. So the sanctuary is their permanent home now.

Poachers are the highest risk for the animals. Many lives have been taken by their hands or they put the animals in danger.

Some people are hunting the animals and using them as bred and they are profiting by them. They are keeping them at very bad conditions, furthermore they are putting the species in danger to extinct. Because of the poachers, thousands of animals died already. 

Poachers are selling their teeth, claws etc. to the black market. And people actually buy them and use them for superstitious treatments. The lack of education is causing more and more life to be taken.

Until Dean! He already saved dozens of life.

Sanctuary covers 400 hectares and it is protected by armed guards. Those who lucky enough to be in Hakuna Mipaka, they are living heaven inside. They examined by veterinarians and treated. They are enjoying the trees, grass and soil.

One of the animals that saved by Dean is a lion named Dexter and he was saved from breeding.

Also there is a hyena named Chuckie, unlike their bad reputations, he is a fascinating friend. Also sanctuary is full of raccoons, monkeys, snakes, iguanas, cheetahs and more.

Apart from saving the animals, he educated many people about caring them.

He created awareness among many people and posts videos on a regular basis about caring and loving animals.

“My mission is to reach as many people as possible and educate them about wildlife and the beauty of the animal kingdom."

"I believe in the power of knowledge, passion, and visual stories in order to change peoples’ perceptions and save the wildlife,” says Dean.

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