The Next Usain Bolt! Meet The 7-Year-Old Sprinter Who Can Be The Fastest Kid On Earth!


Rudolph Ingram, nicknamed "Blaze", is only seven years old and he is already celebrated on the social media as a small offspring Usain Bolt!

7-year-old Rudolph Ingram impresses us with his incredible speed, his crazy talent in American football and also with excellent grades.

He has been dubbed as the fastest kid in the world after clocking a speedy 13.48 seconds over 100m!

With his pictures and videos, the little man with the rasta haircut causes a stir worldwide.

He has already won several youth championships and is commonly considered the Usain Bolt of the future.

Rudolph who finished his sprint career in 2017 holds the world record in the supreme discipline of athletics with 9.58 seconds.

Blaze not only has incredible speed but he is also an excellent American football player.

A video of him on the Internet made the round, which even caused basketball legend, LeBron James, to comment. He wrote: "Oh my god, the boy is incredibly agile, as he takes the ball from one hand to the defender and the other makes it all the more impressive,"

He is supported and trained by his father.

"I am extremely proud of him as a father and as a coach, he works extremely hard, is so respectful, always has a smile on his face and accepts the limelight very humbly, he has a bright future ahead of me, I am overwhelmed, a part of it, "said the father in an interview last year.

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