The Most Enduring Zodiac Sign, Virgo, In 12 Celebrities


Everybody goes on and on about the star sign Virgo, as if it was the ugly duckling of all the zodiac signs. People say people born under Virgo are obsessed, health freaks, and even a little crazy. Say whaaaaat???!

No, Virgo people are perfectionists, hard-working, loyal, giving and enduring. If the world still functions today, it is only thanks to Virgos!

Here are some Virgo celebrities and Virgo characteristics.

1. Virgos can become whatever they want. They have a great eye for detail and are perfectionists.

Beyoncé owes a lot to her star sign for her success: hard-work and perfectionism.

2. They are humble people. It doesn't matter if they are Hollywood big shots. Virgos never overdo anything and they are always polite.

Keanu Reeves, who takes the metro and donates his earnings from movies, who doesn't get involved in scandals or with drugs, is a Virgo!

3. They don't forget where they come from and they stay loyal to their roots.

Salma Hayek, who is another Hollywood star, hasn't forgotten where she came from. She shows her Latin roots not only in her movies, but also in her personal life.

4. Nobody should try to test the power of Virgos!

The tough woman of pop music, P!nk, is also a Virgo.

Don't mess with people born under Virgo! You don't want to make them angry.

5. They are not flamboyant or fashionistas. Their beauty is usually simple and pure. Natural beauties are usually Virgos.

Claudia Schiffer is now more than 40 years old and she looks as innocent as water, even in her sexiest poses.

6. Leos and Tauruses can keep the overkill decollete and shiny accessories. Elegance and class are Virgo's expertise!

Blake Lively is also a Virgo!

7. You won't find bad-ass, hot guys born under the Virgo sign. Virgo men are kind, mature and elegant.

Hence, Richard Gere...

The Virgo man is real marriage material.

8. Don't even think about lying to a Virgo. Their minds run in such a detail-oriented way and their imagination and creativity are top-notch. They can put the pieces together easily and solve everything.

The author of those awesome novels you go "Who the f*ck would think of this" while reading, Stephen King, is also a Virgo!

9. Maybe they don't get as lovey-dovey as Cancer or Pisces people do, but Virgos show their love with their efforts and kind words that come from the bottom of their beautiful hearts.

The love doctor, Leonard Cohen, is a Virgo!

10. Sometimes they can be too pessimistic and even go crazy because of their urge to think everything through and understand everything.

Nietzsche is another unlucky but smart person born under the Virgo sign.

11. If you have had a Virgo person in your life, you won't be able to forget them until the last day of your life.

Sophia Loren... Her gleam, charisma, and her cold and sharp beauty... That is the kind of effect Virgos leave on others.

12. People born under the Virgo sign are very well able to dig up something that will make others happy even from the darkest corners of their hearts - even when they are unhappy.

Tim Burton is yet another one!

We thank Virgos sincerely for making our lives better, for helping us and for putting forth effort for their loved ones!

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