Yung Bleu Releases New Album Titled 'TANTRA'
Yung Bleu has delivered his latest album ‘TANTRA,’ released via the Moon Boy University and EMPIRE music labels.The new studio album features 17 tracks and with assists provided by rap stars Nicki Minaj, French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign, Fivio Foreign and Lil Wayne.The singers Zayn Malik, Ne-Yo, Kelly Rowland, and Lucky Dave also feature on songs from the new project.The highly anticipated album from the Mobile, Alabama rapper takes listeners through his development as a musician, songwriter, and hop hop producer. The album’s sound will help fans of the artist to understand Bleu’s progress in the music world to see him arrive at the more advanced vibe of this most recent album.Clash magazine’s official review of the album details the album below: “...much of its content looks toward reflection and relationships. Tantra itself encompassing ideals about spirit, consciousness, and sex,” it said.The website, which gave the album a 7/10 review, concluded that “ The artist-producer’s distinctive style has successfully seenhim carve out a lane for himself.”“Featuring 13 new tracks, the LP is abundant in rhythmic hooks,relatable lyricism, and notable production. ‘TANTRA’ an eclectic listen that maintains a theme, while speaking on Yung Bleu’s growth, upwards trajectory, and indisputable songwriting ability,” writer Shanté Collier-McDermott said.
Drake Talk Reveals Favorite Songs From His Catalogue
Drake is said to have revealed some of his favorite songs from his huge catalog during a recent lecture he gave to students at Florida International University.The surprise talk was a part of business mogul David Grutman’s college class earlier this month given on the eve of Drake’s collaborative album with 21 Savage, titled ‘Her Loss.’The class has also seen Gutman attract the likes pf Victoria Beckham to give students an insight into success.The hour-long conversation saw the Toronto rapper speak to a class of 400 students on his thoughts on career advice and several other interesting topics.Predictably, the conversation led to Drizzy’s music and his process of song writing.Here Drake enlightened students with some real gems. Drake revealed his 2018 diamond-certified song “God’s Plan” was not intended to be a motivational anthem for the masses to the students’ surprise.“Sometimes you forget, like, the biggest hits or… what seems like the easiest ones really weren’t that easy,” the 6 God explained.“Even ‘God’s Plan’ is another example of a song that I still feel has great integrity,” he said, “It’s not a corny song.”Obviously, a lot of people associate it with the video, like, assume that it’s this positive, uplifting song,” Drake detailed, “But I remember I wrote that song, for like, my dawgs.”“That was, like, for the guys. We were turning up. I felt like I was talking crazy on there and all of a sudden, it became a motivational record,” the rapper stated.“I was like, ‘I don’t know if they read the lyrics.'”
20+ of the Hottest Women in the World and in Which Country They Live
Times have changed and the definition of being the hottest and most beautiful changed alongside it. Being the hottest could also mean conquering the world in different areas. We’re talking about success in business, creating world-breaking trends, and making millions of followers, fans, and others.
DRAM Releases New Album Titled 'What Had Happened Was...'
DRAM released his latest album 'What Had Happened Was...' under his new indie label WAVER Records on Friday.The album marks the return of DRAM, also known as Shelley, to the world of music The mammoth 19 track long album sees the artist return to his soulful blend of singing and rapping to some unique melodies. The project's strength is in the honesty and vulnerability released by DRAM on the album, where he talks about struggles with mental health, grief, the down sides of fame and fortune as well as using past traumas to better himself.
Big Attendance at Funeral of Migos Rapper Takeoff in Atlanta
The funeral of Migos rapper Takeoff took place on Friday in the recently deceased artist's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.Big crowds of people attended his funeral service at the State Farm Arena to offer their sympathies and pay respect to the hugely successful hip hop star.Takeoff's family did not allow media into the funeral service and all recording devices like smartphones and cameras were confiscated from those who entered the servivce.Some footage of the event, particularly from outside the venue, did make its way online from fans who snapped images outside the State Farm Arena.A huge image of Takeoff was posted outside the venue adorned with the words 'Celebrating The Life of Takeoff.'An image of the funeral program emerged on social media from hip hop influencer 'nuface,' who also posted a call for stop to the violence in the black community.“Praying for the day when we say and agree that enough is enough,' he captioned the post.'This black man reached heights no other could reach and wasn’t able to start a family because of senseless violence,' it said, 'I didn’t have to know him to feel this pain for our people ??️.”
Where is Johnny Sins Now? What is His Net Worth?
You know him, I know him, your friends know him, and maybe even your relatives know him—it is Johnny Sins, the most well-known tall, white, bald male adult actor on the internet. In this article, you’re about to discover everything you need to know about this muscular shaved-headed guy and where and what he is up to now.
10 of the Funniest Stand Up Comedians in Hollywood
The moment humor appears, all of our hardships give, all of our irritations, and all of our resentments fly away, and a sunny spirit takes their place, according to Mark Twain. One of the best things you can do for your health is to laugh. A sense of humor is almost like your mind's defense mechanism.
French Montana Celebrates 38th Birthday with Exotic Gift
Rapper French Montana recently celebrated his 38th birthday in style with a party at his Hidden Hills mansion in Santa Monica, California.A number of rich and famous guests were in attendance at the celebration, including Soulja Boy, Jamie Foxx, Vin Diesel ,Nelly and Swizz Beats.French was on the receiving end of a several glamorous gifts from his guests but a gift from Swizz Beats perhaps outdid everyone else.Montana, who had a hit song with 'Unforgettable' featuring Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd in 2017, received the present of a camel from Swizz Beats.The gift may have been a more than appropriate gift for the proudly Moroccan born rapper, who took to social media to announce his pleasure with the gift.“Shout my n* Swizz,' he said in a video shared to his Instagram story, 'He got me a camel for my birthday.''What if it spits?,” he joked.
Megan Thee Stallion Receives Letter from influential Supporters
Rapper Megan Thee Stallion has received support from a number of prominent women and organisations who signed an open letter to the female artist denouncing violence against women.Megan Thee Stallion received an open letter from signees such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters, MeToo founder Tarana burke, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson. Also amongst the signees to the letter written from The Southern black Girls & Women's Consortium were Tamika Mallory and Angela Rye as well as many other influential people.In total, the letter lists 26 signatures of prominent officials and advocacy workers or organisations.The letter was penned to Thee Stallion after a recent controversy surrounding the artist's alleged shooting by Torey Lanez in 2020 referenced in a song in Drake and 21 Savage's new album 'Her Loss.'The song 'Circo Loco' from the project released last Friday references the shooting incident when Drake raps, '“This bi**h lie ‘bout getting shots but she still a stallion.”
Dr. Dre to Sell Malibu Mansion for Massive $20 Million
Legendary West Coast producer and DJ Dre. Dre is rumored to be selling his mansion in Malibu for $20 million.Dre is reported to have first purchased the property for around $4.8 million and will be due to make a massive profit if he completes the sale for its reported market price.The residence is one of Dre's assets which he retained after his costly divorce from ex wife Nicole Young in the winter of 2021.The Source hip hop magazine reports that the mansion possesses six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.Apparently, it was this house where ex-attorney Nicole Young stayed during her divorce battle with Dre in 2021.
Meek Mill to Drop New Mixtape on 21st November
Meek Mill has announced that he will drop a new mixtape titled 'Flamerz 5,' on 21st November.The Philadelphia rapper took to social media to announce the news to his fans, revealing the news on Instagram.“FLAMERZ 5 ‘for promotional use only’ NOV. 21st for free for the streets,” the hip hop star wrote on the social media platform, using several fire emojis.The announcement was accompanied by a short video with Meek performing a segment of one of the mixtape's new songs.
Nas Unveils Track List of Upcoming 'King's Disease III' Album
Nas has revealed the track list of his upcoming album, 'King's Disease III,' which is set for a release day of this Friday November 11th.The album, which sees the legendary East Coast rhymer join forces with producer Hit-Boy, will be released on the Mass Appeal record label.The project will mark the fourth studio album that Nas, real name Nasir Jones, and Hit-Boy have teamed up to create.The Grammy nominated duo previously worked together on 'Kings Disease I' in 2020 and 'King's Disease II,' in 2021 as well as the album 'Magic,' also dropped last year.Nas unveiled the track list for the duo's latest release on social media on Wednesday earlier this week. The artist simply tweeted '11.11,' along with an image of the track list.The album will consist of a mammoth 16 songs as well as a bonus track, titled 'Til my Last Breath.'It is unclear whether the track list image, which features a black and white photograph of Nas, will be used as the official cover art on the studio album.Unlike previous offerings from Nas, the album's track list does not list any features on the tape.Similarly, Hit-Boy is the sole producer.
50 Cent Speaks on Social Media's Role in Hip Hop violence
50 Cent has spoken about social media's links to what could be seen as rising violence in the hip hop world.The legendary rapper spoke about the topic on his new TV show, 'Hip Hop Homicides,' which investigates the deaths of several rappers.The show focuses on the deaths of some well known rappers, including pop Smoke and XXXTentacion.In the TV show, 50 speaks about how easy it is for bystanders to film violent incidents and post them to social media nowadays. The rapper and now TV producer believes that this fact has changed how violence within the hip hop community looks to others.“I think it’s the same energy but we’re in a different period so it looks different,' 50 Cent said, according to news site HotNewHipHop. 'It’s gonna happen where everyone can take a look on camera,” he added.“Because of social media, everyone’s involved now,' he continued, speaking about the fascination with those from more privleged backgrounds hold for violent incidents involving famous rappers.50 believes that the likes and views that people receive for posting violent incidents involving well known people from the hip hop world is what fuels social media users to continue to upload similar content.'Because those kids in middle America are clicking the fucking button to look and are fascinated with the killings because they’re living on a side so wild compared to the conservative lifestyle they’re having,” he explained.
Doja Cat complains about new Twitter Introductions
Doja Cat has been left with an incorrect screen name on Twitter after changes to the site implemented by new billionaire owner Elon Musk.The musical artist had changed her screen name to 'Christmas' on Twitter as the holiday season approaches but yesterday she realised that she is stuck with it.New modifiactions to the popular social media website means the Doja Cat was unable to change her name back, which probably damages her promo ability on the site and makes her profile more difficult to find for her fans.Under previous circumstances, name changes to a user's profile could be done quite simply without repurcussion.As Elon Musk attempts to make more money from the social media platform following his takeover, which is reported to have cost him $44 billion, users will now lose their blue 'verification' check if they change their screen name.The blue checkmark is used as a symbol on the site to indicate that a profile is the person they say they are.It is mostly used in the cases of famous people who may otherwise be impersonated by someone else.The Grammy winning female artist took to the platform to complain about the change in settings once she realised she could not change her screen name.'why can't I change my name on here,' she tweeted on Thursday.The successful singer then raged at Musk as she was unable to modify her profile name, before begging the site's new owner to allow her change her screen name back to Doja Cat. 'how do I change it also fuck you elon,' the rapper raged.“I don’t wanna be Christmas forever @elonmusk please help I’ve made a mistake,” she then tweeted soon after.
Rev Al Sharpton says Hip Hop not only reason for Violence
Reverend Al Sharpton has defended hip hop after the musical genre was criticized for encouraging violence in the wake of Migos rapper Takeoff's death.The 68-year old reverend spoke to TMZ recently about his belief that hip hop is not the reason that violence occurs in the African American community in the USA.“First of all, no one has been more on gun violence and saying we need to deal with things in Hip-Hop, but I remember growing up, R&B artists used to get in shootouts and fights,” Sharpton told TMZ during a short interview in New York City.“This is nothing new,' he added. 'social media makes it where more people know about it.”“You have a lot of people in Hip-Hop that are very responsible, that are very creative, that help their community,:' Sharpton explained, 'So we should not act like Hip-Hop is synonymous with violence.”The religious and civil rights leader said that he thinks violence occurs not just exclusively in hip hop, but also in the outside world.“Those that are violent, we ought to deal with,' Sharpton said.But a thug is a thug whether they’re singing jazz, whether they’re R&B, whether they’re singing gospel… I know some preachers packing,' he explained. 'So let’s not make it just about Hip-Hop,' he stated, 'Let’s make it about people that are not acting like they ought to act.”
Drake's OVO Brand Agrees Deal with G-League Basketball Team
Drake's October's Very Own brand, more often known as 'OVO,' will appear on NBA G League Ignite's jerseys after being named as the team's official patch marketing collaborator.The branding marks the G League team's first practice jersey patch marketing partnership.The OVO® logo will bet displayed on the right chest of the side's practice jerseys as part of the agreement.OVO will also be displayed through the use of on-curt branding at The Dollar Loan Center arena in Las Vegas.It has also been announced that Ignite and its new branding partner will produce as series of videos that will place some of the team's players at center-stage.The lower division team, which says it is 'dedicated to developing the world's top young players for the NBA Draft,' made the big announcement of its branding deal on Twitter yesterday.A short video clip posted to its account saw the players of the team appear in the new branded jerseys at the Dollar Loan Center.'(OVO)@welcomeOVO has partnered with the NBA G League Ignite Basketball Program,' it announced in the tweet.'Ignite is the first-of-its kind program that has changed the journey for elite high school prospects that dream of playing in the NBA,' it added.
Bleu Reveals Tracklist ofUpcoming Album 'TANTRA'
Rapper Bleu has revealed the track list of his upcoming album, which is set to release this Friday 11th November.The project, titled 'TANTRA,' will be the Alabama rapper's second studio album after his debut effort, 'Moon Boy,' released in July of last year.The artist shared the new track list on social media on Tuesday, revealing the new album will consist of 17 songs.Also shared by the hip hop star was the striking cover art that will adorn the project, which keeps within the artist's 'Moon Boy' image.The cover features an astronaut sitting on a leather couch on a desert highway while a dark moon is seen in the distance, sitting above some picturesque mountains.The back of the album sees the songs named with a highway and its road markings in the background.
Lionel Messi Net Worth: How Rich is The Highest-paid Soccer Player?
Soccer was internationally famous for being the world's most popular ball game at the time. With its continental and global games, it is indeed known worldwide, and many big companies are investing in this game. By making endorsements, they are using players to advertise their products and introduce them to consumers. Lionel Messi was one of the most popular players in terms of endorsements and collaborations with well-established companies.Known as the world’s highest-paid soccer player, Messi also reigns as one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Recently, rumors have said that Lionel Messi already has a billion dollars from his endorsements and contracts. In his 17-season career in the sports industry, how much do you think he owned? Want to know more about Lionel Messi?
Kevin Durant Net Worth: How Rich is The NBA's Unstoppable Scorer?
Just like every success story of a known athlete, Kevin Durant also started his journey from the bottom before reigning as one of the best players in the NBA. Alongside Stephen Curry and Lebron James, an American professional basketball player named Kevin Wayne Durant was known as one of the richest basketball players in the world and the Most Valuable Player in the NBA.Durant's journey in the sports industry earned him a million dollars and assets and properties all over America. Many people wanted to know how much Kevin Durant earned during his 15-year career in the industry and his unending fame on the basketball court. If you still anticipate an answer to your question, this is the article you're looking for.
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