The Most Brutal Method Of Torture Known In China As The 'Death With 1000 Cuts': Ling Chi


While today we use boring methods of execution so as to preserve the humanity of both the executioner and the executed, back in the day they really didn’t give a shit about the people they punished. In fact, humiliation and suffering were important aspects of torture and execution, and no one did this better than the ancient Chinese. They were highly creative and seriously sadistic in their methods and liked to do things slow and steady, often prolonging death for days. This method might be the most brutal kind of their methods.

The Ling Chi torture method is one of the most painful torture methods ever seen in human history.

Despite being very painful, it continued to be used in China until 1905 ...

This method is mostly known with descriptive names such as 'death with a thousand cuts', 'separating the body into small pieces.'

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It was applied to those who committed unethical crimes, such as killing a close relative, telling the country's secret to enemies, or killing an important person of the country.

The person proven to have committed one of these serious crimes was arrested first and then tortured by the order of the emperor ...

Thousands of people were willingly or unintentionally gathered in the city square to see the torture because officials wanted to make an example of this.

Then the guilty person was brought and crucified while naked.

At this stage, drugs or alcohol were given to prevent the offender from fainting immediately during the torture.

Then the people who would perform the torture would come to the square and that was when the brutal stage started.

At first, small pieces were cut from the body of the criminal.

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In order for blood loss to be minimized and for the criminal to not faint: first the arms and legs were cut off.

Later, it was time to cut off the meat and they would cut it into tiny pieces.

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I guess the Chinese are very 'talented' in torture, and at this stage, to increase the pain, the size of the pieces cut were made bigger.

Afterward, the cutting process was continued with the scalp where the bleeding wouldn't be really severe.

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The head of the offender was scalped almost until there was nothing.

Then they would go on with cartilage parts and the ears, nose, elbows, and kneecaps were cut and broken.

Then they would cut the fingers, the arms, and the legs...

If the criminal, despite all this torture and brutality, was still not dead from blood loss, the lethal blow was struck.

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Chopping off the head.

The head chopped off would be taken to the emperor to show that justice was served.

Perhaps the most brutal torture method of human history continued to be practiced in China until 1905.

It's like a joke, right?

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