The Ideal Couple Who Gets More Passionate As They Age

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The whole world is sharing this naked couple's pictures, who are hugging each other with passion. 😍


The people in the photographs are 75 year old Gerry and 70 year old Darwin, who have been in love with each other for over 20 years

Jade Beall, a photographer from Arizona, has had thousands of likes and shares since he shared these moments on Facebook

He also shared this on his Instagram account:

''I refuse to accept the wide spread (mostly western) human belief system in regards to what is beautiful, especially when it comes to the sacred vessel we call our bodies''

Things he wrote after sharing his photographs are a lesson to us all:

''Many from my human tribe and other humans who wish to sell me things that will hide the evidence that I am growing older tell  me that as I grow older, I am worth less and less and that elder bodies are anything but beautiful.''

Hope the same goes to everyone who loves each other😌😭

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