The Damnation Of Humanity: 12 Notes About Rude Tourists!


As the times change, our world gets more global and traveling becomes cheaper and easier. With the rise of charter airlines and cheaper bus and train possibilities, more and more people want to explore the world. But maybe not everyone is ready for such an adventure.

1. The fact that people can and do travel more is not a bad thing. We wouldn't mind that, ever. What we are talking about here is something else.

2. Some tourists' urge to show off can slow down time.

3. We are talking about those who are normally super private but then turn into the kings and queens of social media once they set foot in another country.

4. The level of immortalizing and documentation would trump even Herodotus.

5. These photos have no sense of art or any other kind of purpose, including looking back on them to cherish the memories.

6. Unless these photos are uploaded somewhere or shown as a slideshow to innocent victims upon the tourist's return, they will not even be remembered.

7. Landscapes, uninteresting statues or anything nutritious has to be photographed.

8. All meaningless and tourist trap activities have to be done.

9. Because "We should do it when we are here, God knows when the next time will be."

10. These types of people speak loudly and freely because the locals don't speak their language.

11. They are the best at taking cliche pictures and playing with perspective to be 'funny'. They don't know that this idea was last original in 1972.

12. They believe in walking in flocks. They are scared that if they leave the flock, something bad will happen to them or they will get lost or something. -_-

13. They don't do research about their destination. They figure out everything by walking randomly.

14. The stress of being on time or the possibility of missing something eats them up.

15. They can't really enjoy the now and here because "there have to be other places" to see.

16. Traveling is not about keeping up appearances. It is about seizing and enjoying the moment, and sometimes smiling.

And it is strongly recommended!

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