23 Terrified Victims of Cruel Pranks


Let's laugh to these people and hope we aren't next.

1. "I don't care if they are extinct or not. There is a T-Rex attacking me right here right now"

2. Kierkegaard wrote Fear & Trembling for her

3. Previously on 6 Feet Under

4. Those reflexes

5. Parenting went wrong

6. "Oh come on it's not that bad"

7. He tried wall hack out of fear

8. Is he really gonna..? Oh yes he did.

9. I just want to be friends

10. That poor kid

11. She'll never gonna be the same again

12. When you accidentally delete your father's important work files

13. To solve a problem, first find its source

14. Highly dramatic moment of scare

15. "Morning. Oh it's just full moon day at office"

16. Mirror mirror on the wal... NOPE

17. Side effects of Solarium

18. She grew wings

19. Not even animals can escape the cruelty of pranks

20. This is what characters in horror movies should do all the time

&100 survival guaranteed

21. When you get too wasted that you wake up with a mannequin

22. You can't deal with a warrior

23. "I think there's something behind me"

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