Summer Is Here: It's Time To Work Our Butts Off


If you want to have a beach body, you should know that it starts with a nice butt. Because butts are nice. Right?


1. First, we need to learn about a butt's anatomy:

2. This means we need to work all these muscles:

3. Let's start with the biggest muscle in our butt: Gluteus Maximus. You can work it out with a classic: Step exercise!

4. The lunge is also a perfect exercise for that muscle. Be careful about your knees though.

5. Squat? Squat.

There is no escape from this one.

6. Now it's the turn for Gluteus Medius. Let's do side planks!

7. Lie forward and lift your leg.

8. For the Gluteus Minimus do the bent knee side bridge.

9. ... or just the side bridge.

10. Do the seated pretzel strech as well.

11. If you have something like this, you are really lucky!

12. You will notice the differences in a short amount of time.

13. Yay for the perfect butts!
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