Science Explains What Really Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food!


So, a fly just landed on your food. It's disgusting for most people, yet it doesn't stop them from eating it. But maybe it should, since these creatures can be harmful for your health.

Probably, you just went on eating that thing because it is just a fly... Isn't it?

In reality, most people think just like this.

In recent research, participants were asked what kind of animal can make them stop eating their food. Flies, ants or cockroaches? Which one is the most disgusting?

61% of the participants choose cockroaches.

We have some bad news for you... The flies are incredibly talented at spreading bacteria over your food. Even more than the cockroaches.

This is a scientific fact. But how? What is the explanation?

These creatures feed on the most disgusting things around the world such as trash, dead animals and poop.

Since flies don't have the ability to chew, they leave their saliva over the places they land on. When the enzymes in their mouth interact with the food, they swallow the saliva again, so that they can digest the food. 😁 😁 😁

Disgusting! Isn't it? It's not over yet!

These fellas can inhabit a lot of harmful bacteria and transfer those bacteria during an encounter.

Transferring those bacteria does not require the spitting and re-swallowing. The moment the fly is on your plate, the unpleasant bacteria transfer begins.

Don't underestimate the diseases that can be spread by flies. Cholera, dysentery, and typhoid fever are just a few of those...

So next time a fly lands on your plate, don't be so carefree about it!

Sharing your food with those fellas is not a good idea!👀👀

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