Science Explains The Troubles In The Toilet After Alcohol Consumption


Almost all of us love having a fun night out partying, drinking, and hanging out with friends. And again, all those who drink have also suffered from hangovers, which are pretty bad as they are and we can still manage to reflect how horrible some can be by saying "I have a b*tchy hangover."

Having fun is costly, it might cause seriously annoying hangovers AND some troubles in the pooping department. 

You are not alone, and here is the science of it:

Yes, we are talking about the messed up pooping problems after a night with alcohol.

You wait and wait and your legs go numb...

If you are saying that it doesn't affect you, you are damn lucky, because this is a real thing.

Scientists must have agreed, because they sat down one day and started thinking about this thing (I guess it wasn't a busy day).

I am just messing with you. Here is what REALLY happened: Buzzfeed editors, who probably suffered yet another sinful night and its side effects, proceeded to consult the experts. They asked Dr. Ali Keshavarzian from New York University for a scientific explanation on this subject matter.

And here is how Keshavarzian explains the phenomenon that alcohol makes us sh*t in large amounts:

When we consume alcohol, a small amount of it is absorbed by our stomach lining.

And the rest floats and spins around in your stomach until it reaches to the small intestines.

The alcohol going in the small intestines is then directly mixed with blood. The part that doesn't go to the small intestines is perceived as waste by your body and sent to large intestines.

Alcohol starts acting like the problem kid of the class and messes up with the enzyme levels in that area and speeds up digestion. So, this is what starts that painful chain of events.

And when we talk about speeding up digestion, we aren't saying something good. Think of it as any job done in a haste and therefore with less care, the result: diarrhea.

And one of the things you do while consuming alcohol is also consuming a lot of liquids.

Which makes the whole thing a lot worse.

Actually, no matter what you are consuming, too much of it will give you a hard time. Alcohol is just messing with your settings as an extra douche move.

And also the food... The drunk food...

Different people prefer different drunk food and it is cool. However, all drunk food is fatty and unhealthy. This also plays a role in your times of trouble. Still, it is always good to eat while you are drunk as long as you don't overdo it. Food slows down the absorption of alcohol and diminishes the effects of alcohol on your body.

However, according to Keshavarzian, the opposite effect can also take place. Alcohol causes dehydration.

If you don't drink enough water while drinking, things can take a 180-degree turn and land on constipation

With the light of this new information, we can avoid some tiny damage, but the real effects of alcohol are only observed in the long run, and we shouldn't forget about these.

Some of the most important ones are pancreas infection, liver failure, and leaky gut syndrome.

Which means that alcohol is NOT your friend and it is crucial to drink responsibly.

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