Photos Perfectly Depicting Loneliness


Warning: This post consists high levels of depressed feelings

1. Loneliness is not only a trait of humans

2. No one can be as alone as a bench after the rain

3. Being the last one trying to hold its ground

4. This bench should meet the after rain one

5. Sometimes loneliness might mean peace and tranquility as well...

6. ...or standing on your own feet

7. Sheer simplicity

8. Not any single noise

9. You can be alone in crowds

10. You can even be alone while you are on top

11. Melancholia of fall

12. Who will they give me to?

13. Being the only color

14. Being old-minded

15. You still rise and shine

16. That feeling of isolation

17. Horses are lonely too, don't they

18. Being excluded

19. Staying away from society

20. Just by yourself

Bonus: Maybe there is still a dreamer out there just like you

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