Photographer Captures Pictures Of Women From All Over The World To Prove That Everyone Is Beautiful


Natalia Ivanova, a Russian photographer living in Paris, launched the project The ethnic origins of beauty, to prove that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Here are some of the images she captured:

1. Belarus

2. Réunion

3. Lezgian, Azerbaijan

4. Finland

5. Georgia

6. Kalmyk, Russia

7. Jew, Russia

8. Tamil, Sri Lanka

9. Breton, France

10. Ewe, Togo, Africa

11. Romania

12. Shluh, Morocco

13. Crimean Tatar, Russia

14. Kabyle, Algeria

15. Kikuyu, Kenya

16. Rwanda, Africa

17. Armenia

18. Tuvinian, Russia

19. Cape Verde

20. Poland

21. Tunisia

22. Occitan, France

23. Senufo, Cote d’Ivoire

24. Moldova

25. Vepsian, Russia

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