etiket People Share Their Awkward Sex Failures And They Are Cringy AF!

> People Share Their Awkward Sex Failures And They Are Cringy AF!

Everyone can have embarrassing moments during sex. Sometimes sex fail is so bad, you end up never seeing the person again.  Here are some sex-fails people shared in AskReddit thread. They share their most embarrassing, cringe and awkward sex failures. 


Moaning gone wrong!

Moaned my own name out loud. Was turned on at the thought of her doing it, but i kinda thought out loud. -Evil_AppleJuice

Cowgirl fail...

Girlfriend was riding me cowgirl position. She looked so good up there that I just had to reach around and smack her on the ass. Unfortunately, I reached a little too far, and slapped my balls between her legs with great enthusiasm. Had to take a breather before we could continue lol -groggyhippo

Is this possible??

Fell alseep while receiving a BJ.- Dispatter


Wrong name. Period. - enjoy_life_fully


While not really an accident, I had sex with my gf for the first time after a major surgery. She was gentle during the act, but when I came I screamed in horrible agony because my body contracted and I was nowhere near healed. - Feierskov


Girl was on top and I was getting close to cumming. She got off and my cumshot hit me straight in the face. I kind of laid there in shock and she couldn’t breathe because she was laughing so hard. TLDR: Came in my own face - frumious88

Just don't do it...

Knocking teeth together when going in for a kiss is pretty bad. - damthatriver18

Like a murder scene...

Sneezed blood all over the back of a girl I was dating at the time in doggy style once. - coidzor

Drunk in fart!

Drunk, girl going down on me, she was really good and in a particular moment where she caused me to lift a bit… I farted, and it was rancid. - TheGentlemanLoser

You lucky!

Drunk, watching my gf (we’ll call her R) with another girl (Bl). I decide to have sex with R doggy style, but B was pretty tall, so R was close to the end of the bed. I tried to balance on the edge of the bed, fell off and cracked my head on the wall. The girls did not notice - 4_string_troubador

Such a shame...

There was this girl I was crazy in love with. First time we had sex I was so nervous I couldn’t get it up. I was 23 and it happened to me for the first time. When I finally managed to get hard, I came in like 40 seconds. After a break I also came super fast. I can’t even describe the embarassment and the shame I felt. The worst part was her asking me “Was that your first time?” the next day. - Dispatter

Little bit different pillow fight...

My wife and I were going at it missionary near the top corner of the bed. The pillow got pushed onto the nightstand and caught fire from the candle. I immediately saw it and started beating the pillow with another pillow to put the fire out. It burned a huge hole through it. We laughed and now as a rule lit candles stay on the dresser away from the bed. -  I_drive_all_over

Such a mood killer...

This one girl I dated had smaller B-Cups and when our chests pressed together somehow it made a suction cup noise. Basically any time our chests got near each other this happened and it was a total mood killer as we were young. She felt embarrassed while I was just happy to be there. - LG1T