Only 1 In 10,000 People Can Pass This Test! Will You Be The One?

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Here is our crack the code/find the link test! 

Let me explain the rules. There are only 5 questions and each has a unique code. The codes are occasionally given clearly to make your job easier, but in some questions, you need to figure out even where to find the code! 

This test is not similar to others at all, it’ll surely put pressure on you. Let’s start if you’re ready to go nuts. Show us what you’ve got!

Let’s start with a simple question. Crack the code and give us the right answer: “roerhundemndunfotiys.”

Crack the code and tell us what should be the value of ‘x’ : 1 1 1 / 1 1 0 / 1 0 1 / 1 0 0 / 1 0 x / 1 1 1

This picture can connect to one of these countries through a person. Which one?

Which country doesn’t fit the connection?


Final one. The hint is around here. What time is it?


Unfortunately, you couldn’t complete the test

We believe you have what it takes, try one more time!

You’re one of the greatest geniuses of all time!

These extremely hard codes were pieces of cake for you. You definitely proved your intelligence with your incredible ability to find links and become that one person out of 10,000. A big round of applause!

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