Meet The Male Geishas Of Japan: Pretty, Rich Men Entertaining Women!


Love it or hate it, Japan has a completely different sense of sexuality and nightlife. We will present you one of these differences, the 'male geishas' or in other words, 'hosutos.'

The tables are turned at the Shangri La in Tokyo’s red-light district, where men do their best to please big-spending female customers – even when it involves bizarre requests.

In Japan, the word “host” refers to young men working at nightclubs that cater exclusively to women.

You will find them randomly speaking to strangers passing by on the street once you step out of many stations, but they are most prominent in Shinjuku.

Good hosuto are personable. They flirt with clients, tell interesting stories, listen to the customer's problems and treat them as a respected customer.

Chances are you'll get caught off guard by their attempt to lure you as a customer if you’re a girl. Or they may be interested in recruiting you as a potential colleague if you’re a guy with suave looks. Either way, once you show any sign of willingness to converse with them, they will talk you into anything.

In reality, the champagne call, complete with funky dance moves, serves to show appreciation for the minimum price of 40,000 yen ($2,720) that you just spent.

As a customer, you pick your host from a list of candidates with photos. If you think they all look identical, let their unique hairstyles clue you into their personalities.

After you have chosen, your host will keep you happy the entire time with his amusing anecdotes and non-stop shots of alcohol.

For the most part, hosts are reluctant to discuss their earnings, but Kousaki says he made 8 million yen [$550,000] during his birthday month.

Hosting also takes a physical and psychological toll.

Host men have a distinct styles that some Japanese women find attractive. In many ways they look like characters from anime and manga.

Host clubs may deal in dreams and illusions, but the real currency is cold, hard cash. Huge photographs of the hosts are displayed outside the clubs, ranked on how much they convinced customers to part in the previous month.

There are 200 host bars in Tokyo alone.

As with geisha, the suggestion of sex is more central to the work of hosts than the act itself, though the line is sometimes crossed outside the clubs.

For the most part, though, it is the egos of customers that are stroked rather than body parts. The role of the host is to entertain, compliment and listen to the female customers; to play the perfect boyfriend, albeit one who needs to be bought expensive drinks.

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