Meet The Baker Who Makes The World's Most Disturbing Cakes Including A Rotten Corpse!


45-year-old baker from Birmingham, Annabel De Vetten is known for her gruesome cakes. And her latest "rotten corpse" cake we came across on Dailymail is a must-see! Annabel spent a total of 30 hours to bake this cake. Would you dare to eat it?

It's just a dead woman rotting away, nothing to see here...

This corpse cake Annabel De Vetten made for Halloween is named Dahlia.

The cake is made for an event at Barts Pathology Museum, London, to show the stages of decomposition of the human body.

Maggots are made out of white chocolate and EWW, boy do they look very realistic with a touch of food coloring.

It is a creepy art form of a delicious cake.

Annabel has a cake business called Conjurer's Kitchen. She makes creepy cakes like this all the time.

"I wanted to push my own boundaries in terms of scale and extremeness." she said. Dahlia is a red velvet cake covered in marzipan and even the soil is edible.

Annabel likes to be inspired from horror movies and create different design cakes in her spare time.

She has a wide range of cake interests from alternative art to animals.

Annabel puts her love for this job in words as the following:

"It's great! One day I'll be working on a full-sized replica of the actor from the TV show Dexter for Fox..."

"The next day I'll be making a wedding cake for a couple who runs their own S&M business, and then a dragon cake for a wedding at Warwick Castle."

Blood and gore is always one of her favorites.

Also, look at how successful she is at anatomy.

Her creations are almost more realistic than a horror movie scene.

You can find more of her edible art on here.

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