Look On The Bright Side: 15 Reasons You Should Thank Your Ex For Dumping You!


I already can hear you say "WTF? Am I supposed to be thankful for getting dumped?". Yes, you should; of course, not in person but your experiences will show you the necessity of this. Come on, let's start thanking!

1. First of all, even though it was a painful one, your ex still gave you an experience: You got dumped but you earned tons of experience points.

2. They showed you that nothing is forever and things may not always turn out as you expect them to.

3. And you have also seen that suffering will not last forever and that the wounds will eventually heal.

4. You have experienced how it feels to be on your own and free.

5. You have learned to appreciate in the most painful way.

6. You have seen how important a person can be in your life, after seeing the emptiness they have left.

7. You have come to terms with yourself, seen and realized your own mistakes.

8. You have discovered that people really do jump right back up once they hit rock bottom.

9. You have once again realized that you are the only person you can trust the most.

10. You have noticed that you are not indispensable and this has maybe broken your heart a bit.

11. Now there is an opening for a new love adventure.

12. You have experienced it first hand that what does not kill you, makes you stronger.

13. By looking back at who has been there for you during the hard times, you realize who your true friends are.

14. You have had the opportunity to see the most vulnerable and desperate version of yourself.

15. You have realized that you can forget and move on, no matter what it is...

Bonus - You can also enjoy your life when you are alone, right? Cheers!

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