Living In Nature Just Got Whole A Lot Easier!


Do you care about the environment like Leo does? Would you do everything in your power to save the planet? How about you check these cool buildings out and maybe start living in one?!

1. Would you like to live in a place like this?

2. If your answer is yes, we should let you know that it’s not just a dream anymore.

3. Italian architect Stefano Boeri is making these dream apartments come to life.

4. Boeri designed two buildings like these in Milano first.

5. He won awards with his ideas and perfect designs.

6. Now, this one will rise up in Lausanne, Switzerland.

7. There will be over 20,000 plants in the complex. Over 1000 of them will be bushes and another 100 will be trees.

8. It will be 383 feet tall and have restaurants, offices and a gym included.

9. Boeri thinks these buildings will bring a new look and aspect to the city.

He says all the dust and air pollution can be absorbed by the trees, which will increase the overall air quality of the city if these buildings increase in numbers. These plants will also create a protective barrier for the residents against noise pollution and harmful sun rays.

10. He selected the Mountain Cypress tree for his designs.

These trees can endure any type of weather and live a long time.

11. Yet still, there are some problems.

Problems like the amount of water required for them, the thickness of the cement to support the plants, and the roots of the plants damaging the building.

12. In the end, this project sounds amazing. If all these problems are resolved, we will surely see more apartments like these in our cities.

What's your opinion on this project? Let us know!

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