Legendary Brazzers Pornstars Are A Real Life Couple With A Warm Family!


Do not deny now. Many of us know Johnny Sins very well as the bald actor of Brazzers. But he also has a real-life going on behind the scenes. Let's get to know him and his porn-star wife Kissa better!

Johnny was born on December 31, 1978.

American pornstar Johnny Sins is a 6' tall, blue eyed man mountain with more than 150 films to his name. He's worked with some of the most beautiful women in the business.

And the size of... You know.

Jonny has a quite remarkable penis with its 7.5-inch size.

And Kissa was born on June 22, 1988.

She is 5'1" tall having 32C cups. Her breasts are not implants, all natural.

Kissa used to be such a tomboy.

She states that she always liked spending time with male friends more than girls.

But she has only had three boyfriends.

Kissa has only had three boyfriends and had her first sexual experience was at the age of 17 with whom she dated for 5 years.

Back to Johnny...

Johnny knew from early on that he wanted to follow his own path in life. He didn't want to be trapped working for someone else and not have the flexibly to live his life the way he wanted to. He graduated college and realized he didn't want to use his degree in marketing because he didn't even like marketing. So he packed everything he owned and followed his path out of Pennsylvania to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in porn.

First porn job in 2006.

He's now a very well respected 10-year porn veteran and is considered one of the nicest guys in the industry. He's strong, motivated, and a sexual monster.

They met three years ago.

Kissa actually found Johnny on Instagram, trying to have the first one-night stand of her life after breaking up with her boyfriend of five years. So they met up, but instead of it being a one night stand they became totally inseparable and have been together ever since.

"Shy, quiet and adorable."

Kissa defines Johnny this way. When she first looked at his Instagram account, she thought he might have sex with her for just the one time, and thought he could never feed anything emotional to her, but it did not happen this way. "Johnny is someone who has nothing to do with the profile he draws to lock people to the screen."

How Kissa got into porn industry?

She says she has been a burning ball of passionate energy since she was born. She says "I woke up one day and realized I was letting my life pass me by, slaving away behind a desk, working towards someone else's goals. I realized the best years of my life were being wasted away and why? Because someone else told me that's the way to do it? Because society tells us that we need to work during the best years of our life then retire and start living when we're too old to start living? The only fear I have, out of all the millions of things available to be afraid of, is looking back on my life and saying 'I wish I had done that.'" 

After this brave decision, she started her porn career.

6 weeks in Mexico.

Following this, Kissa and Johnny went on a six-week Mexican vacation. Both have taken videos constantly, including the time they had sex.

Johnny shares Kissa's amateur videos.

When Johnny needed some videos for his site, Kissa told Johnny that he could share her own amateur videos. After the first video, people were fascinated by Kissa and she decided to enter the sector completely leading Kissa Sins to be born.

First official and professional video in 2014.

Johnny and Kissa professionally shot their first videos for the Brazzers for which Johnny was working at that time, in 2014. In the meantime, Kissa, who used to work for Brazzers, is now able to work as a freelancer as her contract expired.

They now live happily in Hawaii.

Kissa and Johnny have moved to Hawaii together and have a happy life. Of course, they continue to shoot films. Sometimes an extra one or more women are added to the scenario when the two are together. So they are also shooting films containing lots of group sex.

Two pitbull babies are part of the family.

The couple lives together with two pit bulls, Primo and Luna, who are adorable.

Common activities tie them together.

They spend most of their time at the beach when they are not at the gym. They are both dedicated to fitness and living an extremely healthy lifestyle. Johnny says Kissa is also his best friend.

They enjoy their life without paying attention to what people say.

There are also a lot of times people subject them to their prejudices because of the profession they are in. But we can say that it does not really matter to them because they seem to just believe in their love for each other.

They also share very artistic photos.

They declare their love all over the world with photographs they share through their Instagram accounts and sometimes make everyone jealous with photos of extreme aesthetics and art.

We can only wish them more happiness.

You may not like what they do for a living, but when you think of their love for each other, you can only wish them a good and happy life with each other.

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