Kim Kardashian Obsessed Man Nearly Dies After £8,500 Bum Surgery!


A man who is obsessed with Kim Kardashian has a second bum surgery and he nearly dies after implant goes wrong!


Jordan Parke from UK is obsessed with reality star, Kim Kardashian.

And he spent £8k on his first bum lift in Istanbul, Turkey.

After first surgery, he contracted the flesh-eating bug, necrosis.

After the surgery, he had a huge hole appeared on his right bum cheek that was full of puss and flesh.

He said that the pain was unbearable and he was given antibiotics.

"I'd chosen to have liposuction on my stomach so I could have the fat transferred into my bum along with the implants.But I could have died as the infection I caught after surgery is life threatening."he said.

He decided to go back to Turkey for second bum lift because he felt his bum still wasn't big enough.

He spent £5,000 this time.

"I'm a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and her bum and I'll stop at nothing to ensure mine is as big as hers." he added.

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