Japan Has 24 Things That Can Totally Change Our Lives


Some countries develop their own rules and live with them, such as Japan. Some of their basic daily things can look odd to us; such as shoulder straws, anti-aging gummies, eatable maple leaves. But they sure can make our lives easier if we adopt some of their habits.

1. Knitted socks special for chair legs

2. Braille on the cans

3. Real milk can be effortlessly spotted out with the small notch on a packaging.

4. Cooling and warming pads can be helpful for the summer heat and cold winters.

5. Taxis' back doors open automatically for the customers.

6. When you need to spend the night in anywhere, single-use underwear and deodorizing wipes can be your savior.

7. A Christmas three that can be ready in a flash

8. In order to have a car, you need to convince the police that you have a free parking lot.

9. Ahh everyone's dream, gigantic cups of noodles!

10. A solution for not to age, gummies with an anti-aging effect!

11. Japanese people hang their futons out to prevent mould when it is sunny outside.

12. To protect the threes from snow, the branches of old trees tied before winter arrives.

13. Public transortation stops are preserved from the road.

14. Felt balls instead of air fresheners

15. People eat fried maple leaves in autumn, while they eat sweet cherry blossoms in spring and lotus are eaten all year round.


17. Pop machines of hotel rooms

18. A enormous toothbrush for cleaning the house

19. Instead of potentially toxic and plastic ones, parents buy more ecologically clean and safe toys.

20. Special cases for the wet umbrellas to absorb moisture

21. For those who like to spend time in the toilet and read stuff, there is this toilet paper printed information on it.

22. Shoulder strappy jackets

It is great when you want to take your jacket off and shop. You do not need to hold it, just hang it on your shoulders.

23. Pillows and inflatable bathtubs for kids

24. Shower nozzles with tablets that remove chlorine from water and turn your home into a spa

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