Instagram Star Becomes A Laughing Stock With Her Badly Translated Tattoo!


An Instagram star from Turkey named Naz Mila had a tattoo but it was mistranslated.


26-year-old Naz Mila wanted a tattoo that "Only God can judge my mistakes and truths" which is a popular Turkish phrase.

But the translation wasn't entirely accurate.

She was inked with: "I can judge a single god with my wrongs and wrongs".

The mistranslated tattoo written down the length of her body and she shared it with her followers.

The response wasn't like she expected and her 860,000 followers make fun of her badly translated tattoo.

Naz had the tattoo done in Istanbul at the Ramazan Silver studio.

One follower wrotes: "Both the tattoo artist and the girl are douches"

Other one said: "One word - disgusting."

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