Hunter Becomes The Hunted! Man Gets Eaten By A Crocodile While Hunting Elephants And Lions!


A death is a tragic thing to experience especially if it happens at an unexpected time. Though no death is easier than the other, it couldn't be more tragic than this man in the story. A guy named Scott van Zyl was hunting animals and organizing hunting events for fun. During one of his hunting journies, he couldn't go back home because he was eaten alive by crocodiles! Karma? You be the judge.

Scott van Zyl, from Zimbabwe, was a hunter who organized professional hunting trips for his clients.

Scott was leading and coordinating a tour with people who hunted for their personal enjoyment.

Plans were made on his website

On these trips, many mammals were hunted. From bears to lions; even elephants and giraffes...

Scott would even make bets that he would hunt 7 different species. The aim was to hunt these animals and have a collection of their heads.

Scott went hunting with a pack last week, but he has not been heard from since.

After a family member, who was scared for his life, informed the authorities, and then a rescue team was assigned to find him.

A rescue helicopter, trackers, and divers worked together. Scott's backpack was found near a river.

Other than this, researchers couldn't find any other evidence and thought that Scott might have been killed by crocodylus niloticus. After that, samples from the crocodiles were collected.

Crocodiles killed 4 people in March.

The samples from two crocodiles and Scott's DNA matched each other, which meant Scott was eaten alive by the crocodiles.

We don't know what to say, you be the judge.

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